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People who plan to attend the Sphinx festival
People who plan to go to the Sphinx party.

1 jean galliano (
2 Nandy (nandy@eunet.yu)
3 bart (
4 gaskill (
5 Louis Jordan (
6 Julia Hawkes (
7 wim van haver (
8 bunbury (
9 Pamela Ryan (
10 Rainbowbird (
11 Adrienne (
12 FluidFalcon (
13 John Fitzsimons (
14 Zyphr Hart(
15 jolyn (
17 Amethyst (
18 Angela (
19 ras2 (ras2@get2net.dsak)
20 Jeroen droogh (
21 hank (
22 ????(
23 Evelyn (
24 Tim Eastham
25 duchet (
26 Essence (
27 Darryl Peacock (
28 nil (
29 Przemek Figura (
30 Wells Family Fun (
31 Keith Alderslade (
32 Jorge Calderon (
33 Claudius 
34 "Pee" (
35 Dave Stewart (
36 Wren Giles (
37 Gunnar Ljungstrand (
38 Donald Heller (
39 rbwalton (
40 Ken 
41 moo 
42 ludeon (
43 Floss (
44 Keith Alderslade (    
45 Julie Abel nickname Jules (
46 Padre (
47 ROBOT (
48 (C J P) (
49 Emma (
50 Lars Rune Foleide (

1jean galliano/ poet/ mother/ dreamer
i have been experiencing altered states of consciousness since childhood
including ;  esp, clairvoyance, lucidity, obe and often i will experience
visitation from my dead relatives or other disincarnant beings. i have kept
journals for some 20 years.  i thought of this experiment because i have often
astrally travelled without really knowing "where" to go. i  thought, if we all
could travel to the same place at the same time it would reveal an incredible

2Nandy, male/OBE wannabe nandy@eunet.yu
A small quantity of altered states, no journal, no OBEs yet. I love scifi
(Frank Herbert!) and other weird stuff. 

3bart/ Bart/ BART!!!
Awareness is cool.  I'm presently building a robot for when my body
craps out.  I like to vacation in the physical now and then so I'll
need a vehicle at some point of a forward mind.  I hope to not need it
until at least the turn of the millenium.  I've never met a dead
person.  They all seem very much alive to me...  I've been this wierd
for at least 20 years - probably more.  I don't keep a journal because
I fear the law.  I think anybody who reads all the way through this is
wierd enough to show up at the Sphinx and I hope to hand them the
refreshment of their choice.  I can cook a dog in my hand - Astrally

4gaskill/ paladin945
Even though my physical body is schedualed to be flying somewhere over the
Java Sea at the proposed meeting time, I will be there!  Borobudur awaits.

5Louis Jordan/ Baha'i/ seeker
Im not satisfied with my shallow ritual lifestyle.  I want to go as deep as
possible.  To the source.  So I keep searching.  Obe, meditation, lucid dream,
prayer, psycic exploration, -my main interests.

6Julia Hawkes-Moore:
Novelist, poet, teacher, folk festival organiser, mother. England
I agree with Louis! Deeper in, further on, find the explanations
and share them with others. I question everything. I see ghosts and
spirits, but I find the dead have nothing new to tell me. I am
honoured with having an angel watch over me (which other people can
see too!). My life glitters with evidence of telepathy and
synchronicity. I am searching for healing in OBE after 10 years of
M.E. (Chronic fatigue syndrome). I read avidly and stay at home far
too much, so OBE is for me a way of taking holidays from everyday
life! After many years of emotional adventuring, I am now one of the
happiest people I have ever met. Meditation helps with everything and
crystals have a wonderful clean power. I've been out to the sphinx
three times already, using the 'Rainbow Technique' I posted above.

7wim van haver/ just starting obe/shopmanager/guitar player/scientific
I have been experiencing sleep paralysis since i was about 8 or 9 years old,
not very often (4 or 5 times a year) but didn't know about obe, lucid
dreaming etc. until 5 months ago. In a library book about Nostradamus, I
read about these experiences. In only half a page, the author described some
basic techniques for OBE. I was out on the 3rd night i tried (not very far:
i saw myself from about 3 foot above my body and this gave me such a shock
that i was back inside immediately). I didn't try OBE for a few weeks
(chickening out ;-) ).
After a few days, I thought "well, maybe there are some other people who had
such experiences, so i'll take a look on the Web". What a revelation when i
found this NG!  (from Belgium)
Right now, i'm able to obe a few times a week, but i can't manage to choose
the destination i want to travel to. So i'll try to be there, but don't be
mad if I end up on the North pole instead of in Egypt ;-)

8bunbury/female despite that 'he' thing/mental-spiritual type
Ever since I was a wee one I was very involved with the arts, 
music, science, philosophy, spirituality, etc. Uuum..grew up with 
nothing but the atypical theater lifestyle..always been interested by 
dreams and in fact remember many dreams from my early childhood despite 
the fact that they were never recorded. I probably developed such a 
fascination with dreams due to the fact that it is very difficult for 
me to feel as if I have explored and experienced all I can..the dream 
realm is so vast that even I have to take a break from it time to time 
(Neptune conjunct galactic center & mc in 9th..whew!)...Um, well..too 
much to say about myself,bye y'all!

9Pamela Ryan/sleep lab tech/artist/mother/wife/friend/activist/etc 
I've kept a dream journal since 1986. B.S. in Psych, M.A. (almost) in Ed.
Strong believer in spiritual/mystical connections between humans (and 
even other creatures). 

10Rainbowbird /f 
I will participate with all my dedication.
Preparing, meditating and what it will take.
I will ask my poweranimal to come with me and try to
project two objects with me.

11Adrienne/female/b.a. in psych/25/still searching for my calling
Have had very vivid, symbolic dreams.  Interested in anything that deals
with the 97% of the brain that we don't use on a regular basis. If
anybody has the time or the inclination would love further information
on development of lucid dreaming, obe's, telepathy (not mentioned much
here obviously, but very appropriated discussion topic if we are to meet
at the Sphinx, I think).

I am a 21 yearold male.  College student with computer science major. 
Like to study energy(e=mc^2) since that is what everything is, as far as
we know now.  Study meditation, obe, lucid dreaming, yoga, reiki, chi,
etc...  My hobbies also include expressing myself through basketball,
music making, and dance.  I have been interested in "the astral plane"
for about 2 years and just started reading this newsgroup a few months
ago but love the structure and all the great minds from around the world
that contribute.  I truly believe that people are waking up all around
the world and the future excites me.  Yesterday is today's memory, and
tommorrow is today's dream. (John Fitzsimons) (Zyphr Hart)
Most of the time I just float around the neighborhood. However, I had a rather
powerful dream the other night which involved being grabbed by a "cat". After
stumbling on to this news group, It kinda got me thinking. So.... I'll try to
be there.

15jolyn (
My names John Lynch and am a student/friend/oober/dreamer/ect.
Ive being lucid dreaming for about a year that i remember and recently
hame started melting into trees(natural plus add) ,befriending dream
charcters consiously  and  recieving guidance from people who've moved
I am from north california USA

I wish you all a lot of luck at the Sphinx on the 11th. I don't think I
will be there, because I am not an OBE'er, and I am having a lot of
trouble with lucid dreaming. However, I will carry out a little
experiment on my own. On the night of the 11th, when I go to bed, I will
concentrate hard on sending a mental object to the Sphinx. If you see an
unatended object, please report it afterwards. Thanks. (JGermi4818)
I've only experienced an obe partially. After a nap, I woke and
sat up out of my body and then slammed right back in. I thought
I was crazy until I did some research :)

19ras2 (ras2@get2net.dsak)

20Jeroen droogh (
wie weet wanneer de jaarcijfers van sphinx nu eindelijk een komen,
ik ben benieuwd hoe ze eruit zien,
heeft iemand al een idee ???

21hank (


23Evelyn (

I'm from Saffron Walden, England.....Haven't OBE'd yet, but am trying to
make it to the sphinx.

25duchet (
Bring an umbrella in case the Egyptian Secret Police reads this NG and
greets you with water cannons ...

26Essence (
I think that this whole sphinx meeting thing is so cool!  Thanks for
the internet, eh?  :)  I hope I can achieve oobe's by april 11....

27Darryl Peacock (
If I've got it by then, yes i'll be in it.
Are we meeting in the physical or astral plane?

28nil (
   Twilight at sunrise or twilight at sunset? Important distinction, eh?
If I actually DO make it to the Sphinx, I'd sure hate to find out I
missed everyone by 12 hours!

29Przemek Figura (
And anyone can stop at my house and a little help me to do OOB. I`m
trying all the time, but without efects for now. I`ll be very grateful
for any help on April 11. Thanks.

30Wells Family Fun (
Me too!  Me too!  :-)
A stubborn Miragio at the Vibrational stage of things

31Keith Alderslade (
I sent posted some "Check your Sphinx Time" info on this NG by mistake.

32Jorge Calderon (
NOTE: SUNDAY APRIL 5 IS DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME...(spring forward, fall back)
I don't know which countries use it besides the US, but I hope this doesn't
through people off by an hour.

I'm staying in Switzerland ( Europe ), but I will lay my body down to this
time when we meet, and so there should be no Problem for me.

34"Pee" (
I suggest around 7 am European time that way in UK & Ireland/(that's where
I'm from) It will be usually before most get up,  being 6 o clock
In USA it should be around 12+ at night so that would probably do . Anyone
in Australia or Asia would have a problem being mid-day there but this is
the only solution I see that will include most people. 

35Dave Stewart (
There are MILLIONS of "face" looking rocks in america.  Many have names and
are in tourist books.
This one is nice, but not spectacular.  What's your point?  Why did you
post it on this conspiriacy
page?  If you're hinting at something, I missed it.

36Wren Giles (
But if you can travel in time when AP'ing  - anyone who wants to can AP now
and go to the Sphinx on 11/4/98 (travelling forward in time) - and anyone
who can't manage it on the 11th can project after that date, go back in
time and meet us all there anyway.

37Gunnar Ljungstrand (
Thanks for the picture FluidFalcon. But you know, when posting binaries
to usenet it is better if you use the jpeg format. Saves a lot of space
and time (a compression of 10x with no significant quality loss is not

38Donald Heller (
The .html is not there.  The way I got there is I used his given URL;
when I got the error, I edited out the obeu.html to see if I could
see better from a higher level.  When I saw the "Astral Projectors
...Unite" link, it seemed obvious, and wa-lah!

39rbwalton (
That is it exactly.  It may have already happened. . . I may have been there
and will not realize I made it until whatever the time is. . . If I were OOB
I would understand it.


I am gonna try and be there........joshu

42ludeon (
How will we know and what about the time is it

43Floss (
I'm from England to.

44Keith Alderslade (    
Both Jules & I, (Keith) are from Perth In Australia.

45 Julie Abel nickname Jules (    
Both Jules & I, (Keith) are from Perth In Australia.

46 Padre (
Padre works w/ frdpd and can leave his body at will.  He plans on going.

47 ROBOT (
*GREET.INGS* Meet at the Sphinx? Interesting! It should be easy to visualize. Yeah,
I'll try to dream about it and astral-project myself there on Saturday
night when I get home from the FullMoon Rave at Stone Lagoon.

48 (C J P) (
I have "signed in" for the sphinx meeting on alt.d.l.  I'm
going to try my damnedest to get there tonight.
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 98 18:20:24
Hiya!  Just here to say that I'm going to be trying to get to the
meetings/parties from now on.
Name: Emma Simpson
Home: Norwich, Norfolk, England
Age: 14 and proud of it!
Weight: Ditto
   ____  _____                         "Why do humble people have such 
  / __/ / __(_)_ _  ___  ___ ___  ___   perfect reflections?"
 / _/_ _\ \/ /  ' \/ _ \(_-
Subject: sphinx
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 14:36:17 +0200
I didn't visit sphinx on the last meeting simply because I haven't learned astral projection yet...
But I will try when I get the time.