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Travellers Main Page

Dream Travellers Main Page

Thank you for your participation.
...looking forward to our next excursion.
Suggested places where to meet next
Sphinx Stone Henge Eiffel Tower Statue of Liberty Leaning Tower of Pisa Big Ben Macchu Picchu Easter Island The Colleseu The Mir Space Station Saffron Walden Maze The crater in Arizona Devil's Tower Temple of Delphi The Center of the Earth collective imagination. St. Louis Arch Atlantis Mars A nonphysical location The Hollywood Sign Ayres Rock in Australia You decide where we meet next. Discuss it at ALT.OUT-OF-BODY
When to meet next
The next Full moon. 05/?? at the sunrise in Cairo Egypt is the date for the next excursion.
Easter Egg Hunt
"'Easter Eggs' = little packages that we leave and look for. We describe the contents of what we leave/find in our reports. Never mentioning, publically, what we have left."-=Bart -project coordinator

The 2nd Sphinx experiments results are in.
Easter Sphinx planning
Easter Sphinx reports
Easter Sphinx rusults
Techniques used for travelling without the physical body Self-Forgetfulness
Rainbow Technique
Balloon Technique
Reading Technique
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