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Astral Projectors Unite!
This is the first animated random dot steriogram of its kind. Just look past it until you see the image.

Astral Projectors from all around the world unite!

 Come join us for the first Astral Gathering  since the great time of
 Atlantis.  Many of us are "waking-up" in our dreams, we are searching
for answers and understanding.  We have looked to books, techniques, devices,
spiritual belief systems etc... but the true state of affairs has left us
alone in our dreaming.  I am of the firm belief that the Astral Plane 
is as just a shared place as the Physical Plane.  Let us see then. We have
 set up an experiment to "project" in our favorite form of astral travelling
 (lucid dreaming, obe, consciosness dreaming, remote viewing)  to the
 awesome and majestic Sphinx. We have left our bodies many time with
 no idea of where to go. We are doing this experiment now to learn
 what, if any, are our capibilities for collective dreaming.

Date: April 11

Time: When the sun rises at the location of the sphinx (6am Cairo time)
            EST             Cairo *            Europe               UK
      10 pm    =      5 am       =      4 am       =        2 am
      11pm     =      6 am*      =      5 am       =        3 am
      12 am    =      7 am       =      6 am       =        4 am

      'You will find these times at time list 
       If you want a time converter to find what time it is at home
       when it's 6am in Eygpt try   time convert 

       EG: 6:00am Cairo on April 12 will be 9:00pm Los Angeles on April 11th
       and 6:00pm Cairo on April 11 will be 9:00am Los Angeles on April 11th'Keith
       A Timezone list: time zone

Where: between the two paws of the Great Sphinx, Cairo Egypt

How:   -the shortest method I know of to leaving your body
       'Lie down, close your eyes, look inward, watch the little pictures
       as they pass, ignore your body, don't fall asleep' Bart Scott

There are over 43 astralnaughts who plan to go already.

No communication with the outside world!!! If you attend the Sphinx party, as soon as you come back, type down everything you remembered that happened with as much detail as possible. Then send your experiance to -webpage engineer. Do not post any of your experiance to anybody, nor talk about them until everyones posts are displayed ALL AT ONCE on the webpage at the same time. Frodpod will not read the posts either, just collect them. They will be posted when at least 12 of the 43 responses have been recieved. After they are listed on this site, then we can discuss them at alt.out-of-body newsgroup. This is not a scientific experiment. There is no way to prove anything for everybody. If we all abide by this method the results will be less likely to be altered and those who find similarities will have even more conviction to the reality of the shared experiance.

Free Hotdogs and Doughnuts!!! YUM! Bart Scott is going to set up a hotdog and donut stand on top of its right (no... the other right) paw and leaving it there while he is gone. On the counter, there will be pencils and a pad of stickynotes that you can sign and stick on the counter to say you were there... Make sure you take a hotdog - they're gonna be good - kosher... Of course, for the vegetarians there are yummy donuts, bagels, and fruit rolls. This stand is not set up yet as of 1998/03/30, but is on its way. -refreshments supervisor A coming of age, Jean Galliano one by one we awaken shaking our brother next to us These! are not dreams... spirits are released rushing into birth and body slamming 'gainst the skin of it then melting like breath into the core of its most minute crevice almost becoming it becoming it. Eternity sleeps dormant in the heavy clad sun unseenand we wonder of this fire that shakes us from our bone turning our spirits within a wriggling chrysalis something growing on inside and we fear it as it changes us causing us in our deepest sleeps to imagine Who we are great stars are wishing for us now filling our heads with light remove the face thats grown thick as the time it took to bury your memory, Miracle Child marriage of the earth and sky has formed you to walk in the world and to become the very wish upon the very lips of the God in the moment of making you by; jean galliano -project coordinator also check out alt.out-of-body news group using

Take a look at these pictures for an idea of where to go.

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