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The Tabiet Foundation
Healthy by Nature

The Tabiat School of Natural Healing

The Tabiat School for Natural Healing is your opportunity to learn about the science, art, and philosophy of natural health and healing. The school is dedicated to helping you learn about the practice and practical aspects of health and healing the natural way. We focus on helping you develop the knowledge and skills to be responsible for your own health and that of your family.

We offer a large selection of correspondence courses focusing on natural health and healing methods and remedies. These subjects are discussed in relation to a variety of health conditions and diseases. Other topics include the proper role of medical and alternative health care practitioners, cutting your health care costs and choosing the best doctor and hospital for you. Family care is emphasized.

In addition to the mail order correspondence these courses are offered in a variety of different formats. They include Classes, Workshops and Seminars presented at the Healthy Alternatives clinic or at other locations according to need.

Courses are available on the following subjects:
  • The Human Body
  • Certified Natural Health Consultant
  • Certified Master Herbalist
  • Certified Weight Management Consultant
  • Certified Natural Health Budoka
  • Certified Shang-Yi Practitioner
  • Certified Accelerated Learning Consultant
  • Certified Atlas Activated Practitioner
  • The Business of Natural Health
More courses are added each month so call for our free catalog. Course fees range in price from $399 to $999 with discounts for multiple courses and members of the Tabiat Club. All books and other materials included.

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