tips and techniques

Tips and Techniques

Perhaps you are trying to get out of your body instead of simply forgetting about your body. Trying to get out of your body keeps you attached to it. If you build an excercise that allows you to forget about your body then you will have more success. You need to move your attention up to where your attention originates. So you have to forget about your body. Start by paying attention to your fingers and toes. Do not move on until you can pretty much identify all fingers and toes at the same time. Then move that attention up each joint of each limb very gradually until it hits the spine - relaxing everything as you move toward the spine. Then take the attention that is (should be) between the shoulder blades and the tail bone, very gradually (with each breath) up through the neck and out the top of your head. After you've managed to put your body out of your mind then you simply look into the screen of the imagination and wait patiently... trying not to forget about what you are trying to do. Watch the images as they stabilize on their own (don't force them). They will gradually expand until you reach a point where they become very clear. It is at this shifting point you have to figure out for yourself how to go directly into to that image or stop the imagery and move directly into an OBE or panic and return to the physical.
You have to move into yourself. I know this sounds weird, but that's about the best I can describe it. Though the vibrations sound physical, they are not physically induced. Now that you've begun to learn relaxing your body, you need to learn to ignore your body. Move your attention farther into the visual area of your head. This same area can carry sound images as well - so, if you are more SOUND than LIGHT oriented, you can listen instead of watch. But the key is, you must pay attention to what is freely passing across the perceptual portion of your mind - NOT just the physical sensations. NOT just the sparkles and clouds you see with your eyes closed. NOT just the ringing you hear when you plug your ears. I'm talking about the flowing imagery. Paying attention to this imagery will help you totally forget about your body. A special bonus would be to mildly direct that imagery toward higher truths (spiritual matters) - this would help to get you to greater clarity of experience, but it might hinder your attempts at your first OBE. The vibrations will happen by themselves. No need to expect them or attempt to induce them. All you really need to do is stay conscious as you watch yourself slip into different levels of consciousness and farther away from the attention of your body. The vibrations happen (as far as I'm concerned) when you have successfully placed your body on automatic by ignoring it and trusting that it will be okay by itself (a tough one to get over). There is often a "ripping away" feeling. It's all the same - a slipping from physical to non-physical control. A relinquishing of power - sometimes painfull - but usually rather quick.
Paradox... It's true, if you seek to become proficient with OBE, you have to really WANT it - but not be attached as in a need. Just take it as level headed forward motion and continue to do your meditative exercises without expectation else you will be met with frustration. It's when you "let go" that it will happen. Desire brings you to do your exercises. Desire keeps you conscious when your natural habit is to simply fall asleep, but Desire will interfere if you cannot relax and let go of that desire when you need to.
Can you hear the ringing in your ears? It's internal. Follow that sound and go beyond it. Also, since you DO know the experience of sound - can you imagine sound? I mean, like, mentally sing a little tune in your head? If so, then, as you practice this type of hearing. 'Listen' passively to the sounds of your imagination - just like I often recommend that people watch the images that float by. It's in the same place. Allow your body to fall asleep while you listen. A loud beep is something I occasionally hear - just keep at it.
Learn to look inside yourself with such interest that you forget about your body. That's about it.
>So try this. Forget about inducing an OBE before you fall asleep. Well, I wouldn't exactly say 'forget'. You need that effort to keep you from 'completely' falling asleep. But I would say that trying to feel yourself lifting out of your body is going to do little more than keep you firmly stuck in it. I think it is a good idea to get familiar with that floating sensation, but then once you reach it, it is time to move on to the next stage. That of forgetting about the body itself. >Forget about >the chakras, and protective force fields, healing energy and all that >other 60's crap. Good recommendation for the beginner. Not sure I would call it crap, but it really isn't all that important to pay attention to for the beginner. Too much to think about at first. Kinda puts one off balance. It's not until after you become familiar with going within that much of that stuff will make any sense anyway. >Just go to sleep as usual. In the morning is when it counts. I >usually have my first waking around 5 or 6 a.m. to answer nature's >call. So try and awake around this time. Sitting up for a little while and having a cup of coffee or tea seems to help here. In other words, don't go straight back to bed. >Before going back to sleep just think about inducing an OBE, don't go >nuts with visualization or meditation, just think about it. I don't like using the visualization method either. Just passively watching the images that cross the inner vision is my favorite - as you mention farther down in this article regarding sound. >Here is the key. You must find a comfortable body position and stay >there, so take care of all those private itches before settling in. I >truly believe the best position is the one you usually use when you >sleep. I agree. But there are some plusses to lying on the couch or the floor instead of the bed, though. The different locations seem to put a subliminal message into your head about the fact that it is not your intention to simply go back to sleep, but to have an OBE. >Now, I have found >that the funky things that experienced OBE people talk about (music, >odd noises) does certainly occur, so listen for it. Just ignore >absolutely everything your mind is saying to you, just start to listen >for music. For me, it always starts off as a deep bass rythm, as if my >apartment neighbors are being jerks again and playing their music too >loud. occasionally though, I will start to hear, not a beat, but music >that starts fainlty, but grows louder. If this does not come to you, >do it yourself. Now don't plant KC and the Sunshine >Band in there, just start with a beat and a melody that you don't >associate with anything. Listen for, but do not be starttled by any >other odd noises that occur. . .because they will. I usually hear >doors slamming and people talking, but these are not actually >happening. I HIGHLY recommend some comfortable earplugs. They turn your hearing inward and also help with the subliminal message to remind you that your intention is more than just sleep. The subtle sounds are heard much more quickly. Sudden external sounds are less likely to jolt you, though, internal sounds may surprise you as you move inward. Sometimes very loud noises. As mentioned above, don't be discouraged if they pop you right back into full physical awareness. Consider them a landmark on your way to success and remember how you got to that point. >The vibrational state comes and goes fairly quickly, and it is still >scary. Have courage. It hurts a little; for me it feels like someone >is peeling my skin off, then before you now it, you are out. Yes, although I don't hear many people mention that pain - I'm glad you did. Actually, for me, it feels more like someone is fileting me :-) Pulling me away from my spine. Not nearly as painfull as it would be if someone were actually doing that, but it's all I could think of to describe it at the moment. Maybe drilling a hole up through the bottom/back of the skull or something :-) Painfull, but not unbearable. This eventually (after experience) evolves into something like a rough internal massage - complete with a crackling or vibrating sound. This is often preceeded by a rapid falling sensation, which I find to be the most difficult to get past because the body's normal reaction to falling is to tense up the muscles. Surrender to the falling sensation and you are on your way. NOTE: Don't look for these feelings or try to induce them, they will happen on there own. Just note them as they occur. There is nothing subtle about them so you will not miss them when they happen. The most important thing is to forget about your body. Don't think about getting out of it - just forget about it. It can take care of itself. Be passive and watch the images float in and out of your mental vision, or passively listen for music or sounds. Again, earplugs are a BIG plus. They help you recognize sounds within you. First you will just hear a loud ringing sound and blood flow, but as you learn to go beyond these initial body and neuron sounds, you'll begin to hear others. If you've ever heard a 'rolling OM' performed by buddists, that is one of the sounds in there. Very subtle at first, but they gain intensity as you follow them. The 'rolling OM' is one of the first sounds I come to after passing the initial body sounds. It helps to keep in mind that you've ALREADY started your journey by simply turning your attention inward and gradually going beyond different landmarks. As Yoda said, "Don't try. Just do." By the way, the two of us have just described, albeit quite simplistically, some very ancient techniques better known in some mystical circles as "Light and Sound" techniques. These techniques focus on the movement of consciousness rather than leaving the body. Same result, different approach.
Making up your own method is the *BEST* method. Why? Because you are learning from yourself. The "Toe to Head" relaxation technique is an important 'basic' - but after that, you need to rely on what YOU feel. Get to know *YOU*.
If you are serious, then you should be willing to set a time in every day for a period of contemplation/meditation. It only takes about a half hour and, if nothing else, can be helpfull in reducing stress, headaches, or the need for deep sleep. 1. It's my personal opinion that this first exercise should be done in an upright sitting position with no back support and no hard surfaces around you (in case you fall over through loss of consciousness). 2. With eyes closed, you will normally be seeing a bunch of colored lights and probably expanding or contracting circles of misty color. Pictures and patterns will float by. For a little while, just sit there and try to relax the tension in your head as you gaze without intention at the jumble of images. As you relax your head, you can actually feel your brain and eye muscles relax - the images gradually become settled down. Watch your breathing and try to make it regular - in other words, make each breath and exhale of about the same duration. 3. Next, move your attention down to the base of your spine. Search the base of your spine for the feelings of your legs. Not your legs themselves, mind you, but the feelings of your legs that the spine recieves through the nerves. Try to center your attention there in that spot, feeling the information coming from that spot at the base of your spine. 4. Slowly draw in a deep comfortable breath while pulling the information from the legs into that spot at the base of the spine. As you exhale, allow your vocal chords to vibrate in some fashion so that you can feel the vibration at the base of the spine (you may have to try different pitches in order to get the right physical frequency with which to tickle that area). Repeat this about five times (or until you begin to feel some pressure in that spot in the center of the base of your spine). That pressure is important so you should learn how to recognize it and hold on to it. Once you feel it, continue to draw in the information from your legs on the inhale, but on the exhale, still vocalizing, allow that pressure to relax your back muscles as it moves up the center of your spine and out the top of your head. Do this a few times from the base of the spine and then allow the starting point to move up your spine to that portion of your spine which is behind your abdominal area. Feel the information arriving into that area from the points level to it and below. Do this until the pressure is stabilized there and able to again be allowed to flow up the center of your spine and out the top of your head. Do the same at the level of your heart - then through the neck, and base of the skull, on into the center of your head. (Note: Some people who know this exercise continue on with the focus even beyond the top of the head. Probably not a bad idea. But I'm just not one of those people. Perhaps I'll change my ways in the future.) 5. By now, with some practice, you should have built up quite a bit of pressure in your head. If you haven't already stopped, you can gradually stop vocalizing at this point. Lightly place your attention on your center - that place of your inner vision. Watch the images that float in an out of view without becoming attached to them. Identify them, but don't ponder them. In other words, if an image of a truck comes into view, just think "truck" and let it fade away on its own. It's important to watch and identify these images because they help you make the step over into consciousness and away from the attention of the body. It is also a great help in shutting off the inner "chatter" of the restless mind. If all you see is darkness or a bright light - that's even better. Just remain there in that light or darkness. 6. Don't be disappointed if nothing else happens at this point. I merely wanted to suggest how to pull your energies up into the launching point within your head without falling asleep first. That was just an excersize to gain familiarity and focus. And yes, it does match with some meditative techniques involving Kundalini and Chakras. I don't use those words because they sound too mystical for some people to understand. I found this stuff out on my own and later read about them. I remember chuckling to myself, "Well, I guess those Tibetans know what they're talking about - they just use strange words." :) I never would have understood what they were talking about unless I found it on my own in the first place. Do the same exercise later when you do have back support as in while lying down or sitting in an easy chair. Allow yourself to accept those images even more. Eventually, they will linger for a longer period of time. Keep letting them fade in and out on their own, because each time you do, the next one will stay longer and you will be releasing your attention to your body with every new image. Do not get lost in your thoughts! Otherwise you'll just fall asleep. View the scenes passively. The toughest part is when one of the images stays and you begin to "fall" into it. It is normal to jerk yourself out of it in a violent full-body twitch. While frustrating at first, simply note the twitch as a 'landmark' and just keep trying to surrender yourself to the falling feeling when it occurs. My experience at this point is that the images will suddenly completely disappear, and you will slide through a momentary lack of consciousness (like falling through a pinhole) into the next level of consciousness. You will probably hear a static-like crackling or popping sound and may also feel tingles and vibrations (sometime, to the point of being somewhat painfull) in the center of your brain or along the fissures. You may already be floating in your room, or you may feel like you're still lying down. This happens to me quite often. It took me a little while to understand that once I had fallen through that 'little pinhole' and heard the crackling sounds, I was already out - or 'in' (so to speak), and had to make the effort to get up and do a test like jumping up to see how slowly I would return to the ground - never have I gotten up and done that test without finding that I had been successful in seperating. Don't get depressed if you turn around and don't see your body. Remember - you are a beginner. It's very probable that you won't be able to see reality as it truly is at first. I consider this type of movement of consciousness to be a state of progression. These are my words, other people have other words. Unconsciousness Unconscious dreaming Semi-lucid dreaming Lucid dreaming Oobe Clear oobe Bilocation I suspect that most people confuse Bilocation with Oobe. I suggest that very few people are capable of Clear Oobe or Bilocation - simply because they don't have the time for devotion to the experience and the dicipline it requires. I know I'm certainly not capable of doing it reliably. I can't even honestly say that I've had more than three Clear Oobe's. So I'm no adept. I'm still stuck with a lot of thought forms in my experiences. But... I am still trying... The more I learn about unconditional LOVE, humility, surrender, truth, and self-control - the greater my clarity becomes. So, if you came into this newsgroup looking for an easy way to spy on your ex-wife - forget it. The clarity of the experience from here on seems to be up to the individual's own level of growth. In other words... you're on your own (unless you have a very good teacher). Some suggestions are that you try to increase your control and level of awareness. Seek out light - specifically, light surrounded by darkness, such as a star. A single light in a dark area may be an entrance to a more clear experience or level of consciousness. Sound is also important. The music can be wonderfully relaxing and act as a cleanser for emotions and pent-up anxieties. Something akin to an astral hot-tub :) Don't ignore a feeling of being tapped on the shoulder from behind - it may be a guide trying to catch your attention. Guides are your most valuable companions in these situations. They can take you places and teach you things about yourself that a physical teacher cannot. They are often very subtle in their approach and carefree or humorous - even to the point of being practical jokers. But they are there for your benefit if you pay attention to them. Well, that's about all I have to offer for now. The technique does work if you keep at it, don't have any major hang-ups or emotional problems, and can understand the notion of going inward instead of outward. These are compilations of advice from Bart at the alt.out-of-body ng.

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