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Flasher Technique

Set Flasher anywhere from Delta to Alpha range for the blink rate. Set it to any range for the pattern. I have found Beta, Alpha and Zeta to be good patterns to use. White is a good color to use. Run Flasher all night while you sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep change the monitor contrast/brightness settings. Make sure the monitor is facing your sleeping body and that it is positioned in a way that you can see it when you sleep. I put it at the side of my cot(I don't use a bed) on the floor. Lie down and stare at the flashing monitor for 5 to 10 min. Longer if you can. When falling asleep turn your body away from the monitor if it helps. The wall and ceiling will still blink because the monitor is illuminating it and your closed eyes will still pick up on the flashing. You should wake up at about 5 hours of sleep. You will probably remember a very vivid and odd dream. Watch the monitor again for a couple of mins. Try using the rope method, its ok if it does not take you out of your body. It will let you stay focussed on your intention when you sleep. Then try to go to sleep again. Pay attention to the energy feelings in your head. I have heard it described as a ZING feeling. The energy gets more intense and focused and buzzing until it quickly goes back to normal only to repeat again. Let this happen. Do not be afraid. Just watch it as you fall asleep. While falling asleep, tell yourself that when you see your dreamsign you will know you are dreaming. If the flashing screen will not let you sleep the 2nd time and you need a good nights sleep for tomorrow, turn its brightness far down or turn it off completely, but try to keep it on if you can. If you have gotten to the ZINGy feelings in your head, know that you are definitely on your way. If it does not happen tonight, keep up the practice and it will happen soon. You will know the ZINGs when they hit you. Its like a mosquito buzzing near your ear, then goes in your ear, then you kill it in your ear. As you sleep the 2nd time, if you recognize that you are dreaming in a dream, do not get excited. Immediately focus on your physical body. Find your physical body and simply roll over. You will feel just as if your physical body is rolling over. Do not be afraid about falling out of bed because you will not. When you have rolled over enough to not be in your bed anymore, realize that you did not fall down and that you are out of your body. Congratulations. The only sensation you may have felt is the physical motion of rolling over. You may not see or hear anything at all. You may not even have felt vibrations. That is OK because you went through all that while falling asleep. Now that you are out and can not see or hear or anything. Focus on drawing energy from your physical body to your dream body. Know that there is a cord connecting your etheric body to your physical body in the bed. It is connected from your etheric body's belly button area. Just imagine you are sucking energy through that cord that is connected to your belly. Like you suck liquid with a straw to your mouth. Draw as much as you can. If you can not see anything by now, look at your hands until you see them. Then take a look around. You should be able to see then. Now do what ever you want. Do not fear anything. You are free to do anything you can imagine. If you drew a lot of energy to you from your physical body you can remain there for a very long time. If not, you will be back very soon. Either you will be dreaming or wake up. When you know that you are loosing concousness in your dreamworld try to wake yourself up so you will remember what happened in the waking state. It is very possible that you will have a dream afterwards and wake up later and not even remember what happened. In this case you may notice that throughout the day you feel very energetic and free and full of energy and life. Being out of the body often makes us feel that way when we come back. I hope you find these techniques useful. If you do, I would be delighted to hear all about it. Email me
Download Flasher a computer brainwave generator for DOS. (48 K)

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