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Visualization Technique
Upon relaxation i began my chakra meditation. ( if you are going to try this meditation you must be dediated and make sure you will not be disturbed... shut the door, turn off the ringer on the telephone, announce to anyone who may, NOT TO disturb you for this while). First, ask the Source for help, guidance and protection. Find your center of awareness... Then, invision your core self as a pillar of pure golden white light... slowly, begin to build the layers (bodies) of your awareness around it. Imagine the first of the chakras as a vortex, a breathing organ of your aura taking in and pushing out energy. Imagine you can feel this and see an energy field being created by this chakra. See the color of it, red. The energy field is but one definition of you... begin to see a shape being built around your pillar,core self. See this field also connected to a place, a 'bardo' or fequency level of the astral plane. Try to hear the frequency and listen quietly all the time remaining aware of other sounds or sensations. (we will do this for all the chakras) Move to the next chakra , feel the energy shift and see it rising, leaving the last chakra facing up and open like a flower. Feel the energy move through the center of the next chakra and build another field of light around the one previously created . See the color, orange. Listen for the sound . The energy is spiraling up, it is not moving in a straigt line, (These energy fields are light bodies that are vibrating to the feqeuncies of each bardo, we may travel on any of these bardos using the body definition of the particular frequency) Keep moving up, piercing the center of the third chakra, leaving the previous an open, brilliant flower, facing the sky. See yet another body of bright yellow light building around the last and listen for the sound... by this point you may start to experience vibrations, paralysis, ringing in your ears etc... ride it out, dont lose touch with your "intention". Move into your heart chakra, when you get here, you may feel a branching or splitting of your path energy...hold you vision of your light selves and allow your heart chakra to open and be pierced by your rising focus, allow it to spilt and form two pathways upwards. See this beautiful emerald light engulf and mingle through all the layers of your onion skin aura ... examine what you are feeling here, you may begin to "fall", if you do, remember your intended destination and go with the fall... You need not go to any higher bardo, much may be accomplished from here. If you are still aware and you have not begun to fall then allow your consciousness to go again up to the throat chakra. See this chakra as a beautiful open door that you may go through, blue as the sky at twilght. See this sky cloaking all of you other light bodies... On this level you have two spiraling cords of awareness branching from your heart chakra and into yout throat, you may experience clairaudience, (hear voices, music etc) if this happens , listen but do not lose the sense of your Self... anything may happen now...stay aware. dont get lost in the clamour of astral whispers, boomings or crashing sounds. If you have an intention, move steadily into the third eye chakra and feel for the shift, listen for the subtle change of frequencies and you may begin to see things... invision your core self once more with all of its brilliant bodies of light sourrounding it breathing through the chakras, defining you...remember not to forget your "intended" destination, but do not overlook whatever you may be seeing. This is the place to RV from. Your body should be well asleep by now try not to move or disturb it in any way. If you have gotten this far and are still aware, you will feel the two paths of awareness collide into one at the the crown of your head. Imagine this chakra opening and turing out and upwards, a magnificient thousand leaf lotus flower. Its emmination, an egg shaped aura of pure white gold, strune with colors of mother of pearl surrounding the energy fields of your light bodies... this emmanation provides nourishment from the source and protection from the elements. If you get here, anything is possible... you may leave your body through this chakra, it is a very high vibration, the highest and hardest to maintain but if you can, you will be in the realm of angels. If you have any wear- with-all left, remember your destination. From this level, anywhere is but a thought away. good luck, i hope this is of some help , feel free to e-mail me at; jean

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