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The Raibow Technique

I wondered whether some of you people might be interested in trying the OBE technique which I have recently been developing. Working along the lines of my favourite meditations, I tried to find an easy way to project out to the sphinx for a specific time. It doesn't work every time - I often fall asleep, but in the last three nights it has worked twice, so I'm quite pleased with it. I'm posting it to Lucid Dreams as well as OBE, because for me this experience involves aspects of both states. Here's how to do it: Lie down comfortably in a dark room. Close your eyes. If you work with guides or guardian angels, ask them to draw near and assist you. I find it particularly comfortable to wedge myself between two pillows (or a pillow and my husband!) with my elbows up on the pillows. I often use crystals when I am meditating or healing, and I have found that my little bismuth pyramid, quartz crystal pyramid, obsidian or hematite stones all accelerate Astral Projection when balanced on my 'third eye' chakra, just between the brow. They aren't necessary, but they may give some of you that extra 'lift' you say you need! Now relax. This is not to go to sleep, but the rather more conscious relaxation of meditation. Clear your mind of all the rushing thoughts of everyday life, and search for the cool space inside your skull. If you become uncomfortable, wriggle slightly to ease it, but carry on meditating. Gradually (after two or three minutes - this process doesn't take long!) you will became aware that your breathing and heartbeat have both slowed right down. Carry on until your breathing is barely perceptible. Now you are going to gradually open the chakras. Feel all seven, from the base of your spine (coccyx) running up your back, then from your throat up through your brainstem and over to the third eye. From there up to the crown, which will eventually open up and begin your AP. Allow your crown to become a conduit for lovely white light which will flood and trickle into every corner of your weary body, and cleanse it, leaving you as a being of light. Be aware of all the chakras, and how your body in the Astral Plane will appear as a ribbon of glowing coloured chakra lights until you choose to clothe it in your 'physical' body. The technique for travel which I will explain will connect those glowing lights into a rainbow, on which you can ride to the sphinx - or anywhere else you fancy! Begin with the root chakra at the base. Imagine a warm and pleasing red glow lighting up at the base of your spine. Look into the glow, and think of all the red things you can - tomatoes, hot coals, rubies, roses. Now allow yourself to become entirely suffused in that redness. You will be able to pinpoint the origin of the red light, and that is your root chakra. Now imagine that point budding and opening into a gorgeous red flower - a frilly poppy works for me here. As the flower opens out fully from your spine into your lower body, let it begin to slowly twirl. That chakra is now open. Imagine a beam of white light coming down from above now, painlessly piercing the heart of the flower. Allow the beam to cut through the flower and shoot out below you, washing away all the grit and dirt of blockages. This may take a while to achieve if you have chakra blockages, but keep going! As the clean white light pierces and rushes through you, it will begin to glow red, taking up the colour of your root chakra. This red beam is the first part of the rainbow. Feel it touching the earth down below you, and rising up through you and arching away into the sky above. You have achieved the first step towards astral travel. Now move up to your second chakra. This is difficult to pin down at first, but imagine a warm orange glow filling your belly. Think of oranges - smell, taste, colour. Now you can begin to pinpoint the origin, and allow that chakra to bud, open as a splendid orange flower - a french marigold works for me. Let it begin to turn. Now that chakra is open. Pierce and cleanse it with a beam of white light, then the light will become orange. Your rainbow is forming. Move on to the third and yellow chakra, the solar plexus or base of the lungs. Open the yellow flower, pierce and cleanse it, allow the yellow beam to fuse into the red and orange. Up to the heart chakra, which is a lovely exotic green flower (a Malaysian orchid?) and green beam of light. Up to the throat chakra, and revel in the luminous blue flower and beam. Become aware of the breadth and intensity of the rainbow which is now passing through you, and emanating from you. Be proud of this, your own magnificent rainbow. Now let your consciousness rise up through the brain stem and into the third eye. This will come as a sudden jolt and you will find yourself become partially paralysed, and be aware of a slight floating sensation. You may even black out for a few moments. Stay relaxed, remind yourself of the strength and vigour of your rainbow. You have the inner strength and resources to achieve travel now. Let the third eye flower bud and open. This will be an indigo colour (like a new pair of jeans!) unless you are an experienced chakra meditator, when the colours begin to 'slip down' and this one becomes a soft violet shade. This flower opens not within your body but outwards, on your brow. Open the chakra by twirling the flower. Cleanse this flower with a white beam of light, which then takes on the purple hue of the flower. Like switching on the ignition of a car, you have now begun powering up for your jouney. This is your rainbow complete, and you are ready to start to travel. Now all you have to do is to move your consciousness up to the crown chakra. This is a huge and exquisite lotus-blossom of violet shades, with perhaps white and gold swirls as you become more proficient. As you cleanse this flower with white light, you become a creature of pure light yourself. As you start to twirl this flower, you are starting to float and lift off. Now steer yourself by balancing your awareness between the third eye and crown chakras. As you ride up your rainbow, your bedroom and house and street and town fall away beneath you, waiting for your return. Point your rainbow towards the sphinx. Arch high up into the sky, see your country and continent and ocean fall away below you. See the coast of Africa, the rainbow curving down over the mouth of the Nile, watch the Nile's path until you see the lights of Cairo. At the end of your rainbow sits the Sphinx. Slowly slide down and step off your rainbow. Tell your rainbow to fade until you need it to return on. If you want to get back fast, it will take you. If there is any crisis at home with your physical body, it will rush you back there. Trust it : it is your own rainbow, and compounded of your own inner light. Party time! I hope that this is of help to you all. All best wishes, Julia Hawkes-Moore.

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