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The Alarm Clock Technique

Set your alarm clock for 3:00AM (assuming you don't need to get up till 7). When the alarm goes off, don't shut it off, but instead hit your snooze alarm. In fact don't shut it off till something happens. Every 10 minutes your alarm will go off. Every 3 minutes after the alarm goes off you will fall back asleep into dream world. After a dozen or so of these your brain will start to go pretty crazy and if you are the lucky kind of person, you will all of a sudden find yourself getting hit with a pretty intense vibe state. when this happens, you know what to do. Now this isn't very helpful to someone who is impatient and wants to cruise far away from the bedroom at the get go, so with that in mind here is a technique that may be helpful. After you separate and find yourself just lingering in the area, don't try too hard to move anywhere. The first thing you want to do is tell yourself you are completely prepared to go for it, to travel, and to experience whatever comes your way. You must abandon all regard for safety (I know this goes against what some may say here, but it is still my philosophy since I don't think there is ever any real danger) and then you might try just waiting, just for a few moments. if all goes well you will shoot away faster than you expected and the breath will be taken away from you. Nuff said about that. If you wait and nothing happens, then try circleing around your physical body. Use gentle willpower for this. Just sort of nudge yourself in one direction or another and with luck you will find yourself start to just orbit your body with quite a bit of speed. At this point hang loose. This won't go on forever, but instead you will find you may shoot out as described above. These are just a few things I've used, but since sometimes these expereinces may be subjective you may want to (read, must) experiment to find what works best for you. 1. Familiarity: If you know what to expect, then when it happens, it won't scare you and you will be able to use it to your advantage. This requires learning what others experience. 2. Extreme confidence: You don't need extreme confidence in your wakeing ordeals to have extreme confidence in your astral ordeals. The mind works differently when astral. A shy person can be bold on the astral plane. Remember this and exercise it when the time comes. When you find yourself vibrating and you know it's about to happen, then you better get your shit together at this very moment or you will lose it. It's not that hard. You just have to want it very very much, and that will be enough. 3. Patience and coolness: I don't know how much effect patience and coolness have on whether or not you ever reach a vibe state, but be assured if you get hit by one out of the blue, if you're cool and patient, then you will be able to feel what is happening while it is happening which is very important for separation. (Think about kissing. You enjoy it the most when you are feeling it rather than worrying if you are doing it right). If you can just ride it out, be cool about it, feel it, listen to it, and not judge it, then you will soon find yourself out of your body and amazed. 4. Loose the panic, not necessarily the fear. One of the biggest problems during separation is panic. As I've mentioned many times before, fear will not stop a separation, but I believe that panic can. The thing is, that fear and panic are so closely associated that you can easitly turn panic into fear without much effort. Here's the difference. Panic causes you to loose your sense of togetherness. Of the here/now. Fear does not. If you simply tell yourself (while panicking) that there isn't a f___ing thing that can possibly happen that will make one single iota of difference to you, not death, not dismemberment, not sheer agony, not anything, then your panic will suddenly become silly to you. You will still feel your heart beat faster than it should and perhaps your temperture will be higher than normal but so what! Considering the adventure you are about to embark on, it's pretty lame. Keep this in mind while it happens and it will stop holding you back. 5. Be curious at all times: After seapartion it might be easy to not really know what is going on or what you should do next. One thing is certain. You are in a state that many many many people would love to be in at this very moment and you are there. You have been selected. Don't waste it. Don't even think about returning, it's not necessary. Instead, study everything around you, think about what to do next, look, look, and look somemore and things very closely or from far away. Listen to sounds, feel sensations on your skin, and smell the air (it always smells very good). The more you pay attention, the easier it is to stay out. Also the easier it is to stay clear headed. Ken

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