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Hypnogogia Technique

I believe that an OBE occurs when the body is asleep and the mind is awake. It takes practice in order to achieve this state. A good way to get there is if you wake up during the night. When you first feel yourself starting to wake up, you need to stay perfectly still (to keep your body as asleep as possible). Now, in order to remember to keep the body still, you need to have OOBE on the brain. That is, I found that if I thought about OBE's a lot during the day, when I began to wake up at night, the first thought in my mind was "Ok, give it a try". To continue, once you start waking up, stay perfectly still. The next step is to let your body fall back asleep while your mind stays awake. Easier said than done. I have found that even a brief lapse in concentration sends my mind back to sleep with the body. Here is a tip on how to keep the mind awake. I am sure you have seen that when you close your eyes, there is darkness but also movement as light passes across your eyelids, etc. What I do is look at the darkness and the movement and pretend I am watching a movie. This does two things. One: It occupies the mind so you can stay awake, and Two: It allows for a distraction of physical sensation or body awareness. (Like when you watch a movie or TV and suddenly realize you have been in an uncomfortable position. You didn't notice earlier because you were absorbed in what you were watching). The distraction described in number 2 above allows the body to go to sleep. Chances are, if you can maintain this for even a short time, you will experience hypnogogic imagery. Hynogogic imagery occurs during the hypnogogic state between awake and asleep. It involves vivid imagery. It is different from "thinking about" something. You actually see images as if you were looking at them with your eyes. And, it can be pretty neat. Once you start seeing hynogogic images, you will know that you are on your way. Just go with it. Try to be as passive as possible. Any excitement will release adrenaline and your body will wake up. Game over. Just relax and watch the images unfold like you are watching a TV show that you don't really care about. What happens next can vary. It is not uncommon to hear creaking noise. Vibrations or a swaying sensation may start. Let me tell you, if you hear creaking and feel swaying, get ready, because you are about to OBE. The important points are: 1) Think about OBE's a lot during the day. This will help you remember when you start to wake up. Keeping a dream/obe journal helps. 2) Stay still. 3) Watch the movie behind your eyes 4) Most important: concentrate. If you lose concentration, you will fall asleep. Your ability to maintain concentration will improve with practice. That is enough to get you out. A couple of quick things. The first few times you do it, you will most likely feel fear. That is normal and will go away after your first few experiences. Also, once you feel yourself going, you will probably get excited. That is the fastest way to end the experience. For me, it got to the point where I didn't care anymore. I was so sick of finally getting out only to get excited and end it. My apathy was the key to success. Staying calm and passive is key. Good luck and let me know how it goes. #2 Concentration The goal of concentrating is to keep yourself (you mind) from falling asleep along with your body. As far as what to concentrate on, I will give you some examples. Different things will work for different people. The thing I have had most success with is as follows: As I am going to sleep (or back to sleep in the case of "middle of the night" or "afternoon nap" attempts) I watch the darkness behind my eyelids. You probably have noticed that it's not simply dark. There is movement; kind of like a gray lava lamp. This does two things for me: 1) It gives me something to focus or concentrate on so I can stay awake and 2) it allows me to ignore your my in the same way I may not be aware of how I am sitting while watching TV or a movie. In the case of 2) above, this will help your body fall asleep. What is really interesting is that after I do this for a while and my body starts to fall asleep, I will begin to see hypnogogic imagery. When that starts to happen, I watch the images like I was watching a movie. A key element here is that when I say "watch a movie" I mean in a PASSIVE sense. I don't try to influence what I see. I attempt to detach myself as much as possible. This passiveness, I believe, helps the body go to sleep. Further, it has been my experience that during an OBE, an apathetic or passive attitude is key to prolonging the event. Any excitement and it is over. This can be one of the biggest challenges. An alternative to "watching the movie" method is to repeat a word such as "Focus" or "Relax". Or, you might try counting to 20 over and over. If you have just come out of a dream in the middle of the night, you could concentrate on visualizing the dream you just had. Using this last method, I have actually initiated a Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD). Finally, you might try a combination of the methods above. The variation can improve your chances of staying awake. In all the methods described, the key is practice. I can't tell you the number of times I thought I was concentrating well only to suddenly find it was morning and I had fallen asleep. One momentary slip in concentration and you will likely fall asleep. Your ability to concentrate and stay awake improves with practice. Pete

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