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..... ---OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES----------- Freestone Wilson (free) feel ok, to share this with anyone......... So...... Here is my "two cents worth"..of my years of having out of body experiences.. We have a "Soul body"..that looks just like our "real body". It occupies the same space as our earthly body..but in another dimension. When we fall asleep, we disengage our awareness from the earth- that of the Soul-body. Like of a "shifting of gears", in a stick-shift car transmission! We then ,while in this Soul-body...mostly just lie in it asleep! that other dimension. So...we go into that astral body, as we sleep, and separate from our earth-body. People call this body..the "astral body"----as the lower worlds of Spirit...are often called "the astral realms/spheres/worlds" yes...this is the lower part of the heavens..where we go, after we die. No wonder sleep is called "the little death"! In this astral body...we dream. Dreams mostly of "brain spasms"..with a little of astral experiences thrown in...and these astral experiences mixed in with the ordinary what makes many of our WEIRD! Ah, folks...this is the Trick----to become AWAKE this astral body..while "sleeping!! And, ya know...I think that MANY people have many Bona fide, real, astral trips and experiences...and do not realize they think it is only a dream!! I think that MOST of us have astral travel our dreams..and do not know it!! How can you tell!? ----do you fly or float..through the scenery? ---do you actually float/fly through walls, doors, if they are not there? ---is the dream in vivid color..or in very LUCID awareness (LUCID DREAM)? Is even the awakeness more awake than even while awake in the daytime? ---do you see incredible scenes and places? ---do you see and talk to "dead" relatives..friends..??? ---do you receive teachings from people or teachers...there? .............these are some of the signs. Be aware that the first level of the astral realms..permits one to travel, in the astral body, to anywhere on the PHYSICAL EARTH! as "ghost". In fact many Ghosts are dead people who are stuck on this lower realm. You can see the earth places, from this "back side". Thus, you can travel in any foreign country, on earth...and no visa is required! I have actually obe..d on the earth-plane..where someone living, on earth, saw me! He thought, indeed, that it was a ghost that he saw..he fired a gun at panic..then he threw shop- tools at i floated up the wall! I was a ghost...before i died!! I have, now, a great feeling of adventure, as i contemplate the reality-existence of these astral worlds...and what they are like.....child-like wonder!!! as when i discovered that library internet computer, down there in Tallahassee. I did not even know how to scroll down the page..let alone use ..the mouse..or "URL"s!! Talk about an internet Newbie!! But i very soon saw how much amazing stuff is out there, on the net. Now..magnify the net, about a billion-plus times!!! This is only the LOWER heavens!!!! Vastness beyond compare...worlds and worlds and yet more worlds..... MAGIC ...exists here! Mind does indeed influence the surroundings . "final Fantasy 7"is a good model..for many of these worlds. In fact , ...i think Spirit gave to like a "training course"...for when we get there, after we die, it will not be so strange to us! How can one help to encourage these sleep astral have more and better ones? Here are a few of MY observations. ---you should ask..of have these experiences. Many of them, you do not do, yourself...but you have an Angel or Guide, to lead you. Spirit would send such a helper. (This guide is usually unseen, while you are obe-ing) ---sleep on your back, facing the ceiling. Try to be sleeping between 4am and 7am---i find that the best times for obe..are then. ---try to be in a good state of mind and heart. (One of the MAJOR Spiritual laws, up there, is..."like attracts like". You are surrounded in scenery and people, by what is in your heart...FIRST! And foremost. Yes...i have seen HELL!!! It is NOT nice!! Have compassion for those who can never leave it!!!) ---read up on it...books on astral travel. There is a very good internet site..that has a whole section on "astral travel"------ ---just before you fall asleep...ask of Spirit, to have an experience! You will see and experience some of the places that you will live in, after you die! "This is not Kansas anymore, Toto" the "Wizard of Oz"!! And, oh yes......those funny sounds and paralysed going to sleep/waking up?------ why that is like when the Clutch chutters a the Shifting of gears, from one body to another!! ---"parelysis"...not being able to move........this is where, at the beginning or the end..of the OBE....the head is in one reality, and the body is in the "phone is disconnected"!! only lasts a moment.... So.... What are some of the places and scenes..that i have seen?? In no particular are some. The descriptions will not be of very good grammar..and will be save bandwidth!! You can use examples.... ---i have been taken to a healing center, in heaven, for newly arrived, after death, Souls. Souls who need to "take a summer school course, before entering that fall's college!". I have that obe, on a flopply-disk..if you would like to read it, please ask me. I will send it to you..... ----i met someone, that i knew, here on obe......i saw her, the next day...and she tells me that she dreams of seeing me. And the scenery is the same!! Yes, "i will see you in my dreams" the song quite real!! ----i have seen a temple of prayer...where earthly prayers are routed through, to God..Spirit; and not one prayer is lost or not paid attention to!! ---i had a drunken man ...on earth..wave to me..he could see me!!! ---i have been blessed with seeing Sathya Sai Baba. ---i saw my deceased sister..being taken, with her class of students, too....from a lower heavenly a higher JESUS. ---i have had Long Talks with all my relatives...mother, father, sister.....many times...and seeing the homes and scenery where they live!....there, in heaven ---i have done magic and worlds where this IS the Basic law...that magic, IS! --- i have obe-d to foreign earthly countries...Russia...France...India. ---seen lost Souls, rescued..into higher realms.... ---i have witnessed people being taken to heaven!. Once, i saw a car accident. A lady was standing by the wrecked car..dazed. But, none of the rescue squad could see her!!! She was dead!! I then saw angels come down from above..and carry her upward, toward a circle of bright light..and into it! Hell is NOT "fire and Brimstone"!!---it is of a Grey Day, if it were 36 degrees fareinhieght..and the lidded grey drizzle..covers all. ---ever pay "Riven"..or "MYST"?.....i have seen places like that. That is where we will go, after death...... Open that mailbox...and look at that letter...and off we ZORK..ian universes and worlds!!! our sleep...or after death! The BIGGEST learning experience..of these years of, is that I now know...that the but a Door...into heaven...and not a "dead end"!! ..all the cynics are laid to rest, before wonder and awe....... ....our Adventures...have just only just begun...a billion worlds to explore...and a near-infinity of time, to explore them in! ........Freestone (Free) have a theory, ....that many of us obe, without knowing it!!...because we ARRIVE into the obe-state , and begin it"Tunnel"..or "cord"..or other events. thus the dream begins---we are there. thus we think it is a dream.I can tell..if a dream is really an signs that i sort of know, over the years. these are kinda hard to describe.flying. floating. vivid colors--a lucid-dream. and...what the people there, are talking about. say---if my deceased sister, is in a dream..and she talks of her life on earth..."and that there is much learning, here, in this realm", she says. --and that ...everyone is wearing white robes----"WE ARE NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE, TOTO"( the wizard of Oz)!! so...statement; we all obe, without knowing of it!unfortunately...very very often the obe-dream is MIXED UP with our own personal Freiudian ego-stuff! the BOOKS say that we all go obe...and just hover just above the body...and not see anything our spirit-eyes are not opened, in our soul-spirit body---as this soul body hovers over our sleeping body. so...what to do?????I would ask in prayer, to whatever Name-of-God...that you would worship,and ASK him to help you, from send angels and guides,to help you have such a dream. ya gotta ask!!!!...Spirit does not just barge into your "free will"! go to bed, not too tired and with a positive attitude---no negative thoughts. try to be in bed, between 4am to 7am..i and others find this is the best time, for an obe!try to sleep on your back!! seems to help!there are books, of course, on obe; go read a few! the best way to learn of a foreign country, before you go there to to see of it, in advance! same with our-home-to-be, in heaven, after we die!! that in itself, is a good reason to obe!! i got this TALANT , from past lives!! it is a all i have dreams of a little of these lives...In a sentence--i was Initiated into these mysteries...then!!!so what i am sorta that i cannot GIVE to you a talant: but i have showed to you WHAT IS POSSIBLE!!! thus, because you now know that SUCH visions of obe, are POSSIBLE---you have a model to have a trodden path that you NOW KNOW exists---in a word: because i do it; you can do it!!!!! "the master painter shows his pupil, how to paint---painting comes very easy, for this master:::but the pupil is only a beginner--it is a bit harder. aware, that this master was a pupil, one time--and this pupil WILL become a master, some day!! "I read, once..that 80% of all obe's..are DIRECTED by spiritguides..invisable to the dreamer. they actually carrey and lift the dreamer up, and carrey them around!---through the various heaven-places. I, myself, have seen this in action!!--on ME!!! this is why "asking for guides" very important!!too..MOTIVE, is very important...these guides will not bother to come..if you are just curious or to use these trips as an ego-tripping thing, to impress your friends with. one should the spirit ofLOVE and Humility and of-learning! there are more worlds out there than anyone could, from here, imagine!some of them are not nice!!!!some of them, are right up next to the Throne!! gotta ask, of spirit-first!.... freestone wilson

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