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All the Reports that were turned in.
1From: Darryl Peacock     
Subject: rukus's try.
I wasn't able to get out to meet at the sphinx. :( I thought it may be
easier because of the combined effort but alas, i still haven't had an
OBE. :( :(
I did have to weird things happen for maybe a split second. They sound
dumb but i thought i should post them annyway just in case someone
writes something similar later. 
The first was seeing the rocky and sandy floor.
The second was seeing the hair of a giant gorilla, maybe on the arm or
chest and i felt like it would be so comfortable to hug the hair.
Anyway that's what happened to moi - 'nothing'
Looking forward to reading what happened with everyone else. :) I can't

2From: Pamela Ryan     
Subject: Dreams, 4-10  -  4-11
I didn't make it to lucidity, much less the Sphinx, last night. But I 
thought I'd send along short synopses of the 3 dreams I had last night 
after my meditation/incubation, in case there were any correspondances 
with others in the Sphinx group. The dreams were all unusual ones for me 
-- not my ordinary night's dreaming!
1. In a barn or hayloft in the country, many years ago. I'm a young man, 
hiding here, waiting for my girlfriend who lives in the farm house, who 
is helping hger mother prepare dinner for the family. We've agreed to 
meet here as soon as she can get away...
2. I am a writer or reporter, doing a story on an artist. I'm staying 
with her at her apartment. I'm amazed at how dull her life is. I do get 
to witness her selling on of her works -- a turquoise/blue/black painting 
that looks abstract and geometrical, to a magazine. They want to alter it 
in some way; she refuses to allow it. Her French lover, "Phillipe" 
arrives and they ensconce themselves in the bedroom for a whle. I'm bored 
to tears and about to leave when -- hooray! -- she decides to paint. The 
work is part of a new series, "Musique" and is a cello or guitar with a 
vase of flowers beside it.
3. I'm on a very old merry-go-round, made of wood. The paint is peeling, 
but it's still operational. I sit on a red wooden bench and enjoy the ride.

3From: Ken     
Subject: No Luck
Unfortunately, I have had a very poor month in general with regard to
OBE.  For the Spynx trip I did one of my tried and true techniques of
setting my alarm for 3:00AM (which was several hours past the meeting
time but I'm in Colorado, USA.)  with the intent of having my snooze
alarm wake me up every 10 minutes.  This usually induces heavy dreaming
in me and quite often initiates an OBE at least some time over the next
several hours.  Well, I woke to the snooze for 5 hours and I can't say I
even remember a single dream.  Very VERY unusual and quite depressing.
I hope there a lot of successes in this endeavor as I think it was a
worthwhile idea.

4Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 12:54:08 +0000
From: Donald Heller     
Subject: The Gathering
I dreamed I was near the end of a long line of people
waiting to get in somewhere.  A man a few people in
front of me caught my eye and wanted to ask me something.
I tried to avoid his eyes, as I thought if he wanted to
know what was going on, he should ask at the front of the
line, not way back here.  But his eyes were so commanding
that I had to look in his eyes and listen.  He asked me if
I knew anything about dreaming.  I was thinking to myself,
dammit, ask at the front of the line!  That's all I can
remember.  It did not occur to me to do a reality check
at that time, then move to the front of the line where 
the "Sphinx Ride" probably started!
I wonder how many of us (including me) might have actually
gone there, but don't remember?

5From moonlite2@siscom.net Sat Apr 11 09:29:54 1998
Subject: Sphinx, etc.
   I regret that, as of Saturday morning, I have been unable to project
even to the end of my bed, let alone to Egypt. I'll try again tonight,
maybe trying the time-travel aspect...
   A few comments on your website:
   Cool stereogram! But I'm afraid those dancing smiley-faces are going
to give me nightmares!
   Shouldn't "astralnaughts" be spelled "astralnauts", if we're 
ssumingit's a pun on the word "astronaut"? With a net name like "nil", I've no
problem being called a "naught" (meaning "zero"), but some might take
   I've recently begun using a new email address, and I think the old
one is still listed in your database. It should be
"moonlite2@siscom.net" (the only difference is that silly "2"). Could
you please change it? Thanks!
   Hoping to have something more significant tomorrow morning,

6Subject: ??? -from dejanews
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 19:42:21 PDT
   The closest I came was a non-lucid dream in which I was in Las
Vegas and I saw an advertisement broadcast in the sky for the Sands
Hotel, which is sort of near the Luxor which has an Egyptian theme
to it. Oh well, maybe next time! Zac

7Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 19:43:26 PDT
From: bartma12@ix.netcom.com (Bart Scott)
Subject: Here is my input to-date
I've been able to make the shift a few times over the last week.  Every 
time I've been able to keep focused on a drive toward the Sphinx.
Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get there.  I keep winding up in 
big cities - or out over the ocean.
I tried several different methods while on these various journeys, but 
none of them got me to the Sphinx.  They all produced wonderfull 
sensations of movement or being, but none of them got me to my goal.  I 
can see it - but I can't get there.
When using my favorite method of travel (the grey area) I wound up in 
someone's large and luxurious apartment.  The occupant looked and acted 
like an instructor at a university.  He made a great monologue toward 
me about several points in ancient history.  When I asked him to help 
me get to the Sphinx - he went "Tch...", shook his head, and walked 
Funny detail... when I say the word "Sphinx" my translation to other 
characters with my experience is "Sphpinx".  That's not a typo.  There 
is an extra 'p' in my expression.
On several attempts I passed over large bodies of water, but, it seemed 
that every time I hit land, I'd travel over a bit of land and then hit 
water again.  Then there would be this big expanse of water and I would 
get bored, fall into the water, and just wind up enjoying the downward 
floating sensation.  But then I would grab my attention again and move 
onward.  But then I'd wind up in a city...  So many places, but I just 
couldn't get to the Sphinx.  
..well... I have been a little confused lately :-)
Maybe tomorrow.  Hope so - I've got all these hotdogs and stuff... :-)

8Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 19:48:18 PDT
I did not make it out tonight.  I had to work so I could not sleep or 
close my eyes.  I felt Padre try to pull me out, and he would have if I 
would have closed my eyes.  I induced a mild trance with open eyes and 
just pretended I was there.  I know this is extremely lame.  I pretended 
I saw a hot-tub and a female in it, beutiful sexy lady too.
But then again, what can you expect from a 20 year old male?  Anyways, 
some body of water and the sky was pinkish purple.  ;)frdpd

9From: "HCT "     
Subject: Sphinx dream
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 00:51:04 -0500
Tried to project for about 30 mins but couldnt do it.  Got up, ate, went
back, and tried again.  The second time felt like i had split
consciousness.  Used to Body of Light technique and went as an angel.  Got
to the Sphinx and tried writing my name PERSON on the inner right(sphinx's
right) leg in white over a bunch of others i couldnt see clearly.  Saw a
small black siamese cat statue but id read about it in the newsgroup.  Saw
two people there, one was Phoenix that id met in irc.  I kept wrestling my
conscious to stay where it was instead of returning to my body,  then said
bye and left.  When i wrote it out i notice 99% of it was things i read
about before so i think it was a dream.  I have lucid dreams often and know
none of them are based on real locations and the entire dream is created as
a representation of yourself unles its a shared dream.  Dreams are made of
astral matter but arent in the astral, but instead your subconscious opens
your chakras at a low level and builds up extra astral material for your
dream.  As for shared dreams, they link up between people but still arent
in the full astral plane.  Thats my theory anyway.  So next time, we should
decide if we want to have a shared dream and have one elaborate picture or
description of an area to meet in so we can all link to it, or do the same
thing and do a full projection to a location.Person

Subject: Fwd: Re: alt.dreams.lucid
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 00:17:44 PDT
From jgermi4818@aol.com Sat Apr 11 20:24:38 1998
    I tried, but fell asleep and woke up at 10:45. I did dream that I
was on an airplane with a group of people and a woman with 
light brown hair was making all of us laugh:) Regards,  Angela

10Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 10:37:26 +0200
From: Przemek Figura     
Subject: Sphinx :(
Hi! Unfortunately I haven`t got any experiences. I didn`t do an OOB that night.
Maybe, because here (Poland) was 4am and I couldn`t concentrate. :( I`ll
try next time.

11Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 10:38:00 +0100
From: Glyn     
Subject: SPHINX
I do hope others had more success than I did.  Unfortunately I didn't
have a lucid dream or OBE.  I tried, and woke up the next morning with a
mishmash of 'ordinary' dream images in my head....but they dissipated as
soon as I tried to focus on them.
To try and salvage something I then tried to rv back to the time of the
experiment.  I'm not experienced at rv, just trying to learn.  Here are
my impressions just in case..
First of all I seemed to miss the time completely.  I saw the Sphinx
'brand new' with a lion head, smooth all over and painted mostly in
gold/yellow.  Got the impression of a large body of water very nearby
(I'm aware that I may have picked up these images from something I've
read etc. as it's very difficult to keep the conscious mind from
'interfering').  I tried to move forward to the time of the experiment
and placed myself between the paws, looking in.  I got impressions more
than very clear visual images.  What I got is as follows:
1.  Fleeting image of a man with a beard, head turned slightly away from
me but eyes looking at me.  Impression was he had lightish hair and
beard and was about 30 (ish), light coloured eyes. 
2.  A bonfire blazing inside the front legs towards the left leg of the
Sphinx. Could have been inside a container.  The 'fire' was bright, with
possibly greenish (!) flame. Looked odd.
3.  Then I saw/felt quite a lot of activity, but unfortunately not clear
images. There's either building/renovation work going on, or I got the
time wrong again. 
4.  I wasn't aware of a hot-dog stand unfortunately :-)
Those are my experiences for what they're worth.  Sorry about the
failure, I did give it a go, recording my dreams etc during the previous
week, but on the important night...zilch (oh well!).  Lets have more of
these experiments, as we'll probably get better with practice, besides
it was fun.-- Regards,Glyn
12From: Zyphr Hart     
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 05:40:36 EDT
Subject: Sphinx
Sorry guys, couldn't make it. Just fell asleep. Didn't even remember dreaming.
Maybe I should not have played golf earlier.

13Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 05:38:38 -0500 (CDT)
From: Pamela Ryan     
Subject: Postscript to Sphinx
I already sent you my (non-lucid, non-Sphinx) dreams from 4-10 / 4-11, 
hoping that my intention would result in some kind of overlap or 
connection with the other dreamers.
But I thought maybe I should also tell you the code name and object I had 
been intending to use, if I got to the Sphinx:
Name: Watkins  (a nickname from childhood)
Object: a magnifying glass
...just in case anyone else picked up on these.

14Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 08:17:39 -0600
From: Ken     
To: frodpod@hotmail.com
Subject: Better luck one night later
Here's my latest report after a second attempt one night later.
It seems that a lot of folks thought the Sphinx trip was Saturday night
U.S. time so I thought I'd give it another shot.  And to my surprise I
was partially successful.  
I set my alarm again for 4:00 AM but suddenly awoke at around 2:00 AM
smack in the middle of a vibrational state.  I thougt to myself, "Cool,
time to go see the Sphinx".  I separated and decided to try to envision
the Sphinx with the hope that I would end up there.  I found myself
floating over a nightime city with lights.  I moved on down for a closer
look but it was not the Sphinx.  After several futile attempts at
chasing city lights I found myself back home.  I was still ripe for
another separation and did so quickly.  
This time I decided to just travel there the slow hard way.  I oriented
my direction toward the east and headed out swiftly in that direction
maintaining an elevation of a few thousand feet so I could keep my
orientation.  Within a few minutes I found the eastern seaboard of the
US and felt good that I had made positive progress to this point.  I
kept on going out over the ocean but lost consiousness before I was able
to reach Africa.  
I was unable to induce another experience so never made it to the
Sphinx.  Interestingly enough however, there was more going on than just
this.  Way too much to write about but there were some things worth
noting.  I was also (at sometime during this whole thing) involved in a
re-enactment of some kind of childrens story involving lot's of dogs,
chasing lots of cats, chasing lots of mice.  There was also a man
involved carrying a large brown pill shaped wooden box about a foot in
diameter who was trying to get it and himself to the Sphinx urgently
because it meant a great reward for him.  I was trying to beat him to
the Sphinx because it seemed important that I do so.  
I thougt the part about the animals was interesting however since the
Sphinx is part cat or something.  And the rest of it was quite
interesting to me because I was under the impression that I was
witnessing life in ancient Egypt, and the story involving the animals
and the man were somehow an important incident occuring at the time. 

15Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 11:19:57 -0400
From: FluidFalcon     
Subject: Sphinx meeting
I regret to say that I do not think I made it.  I did a visualization
before going to sleep, but had no dream recall of being at the sphinx. 
I tried visualizing the sphinx in all its impressiveness and to pull my
conscious into it I flew around the sphinx in dance.  I was using light
in my dance.  I then sent the two streaks of light around the sphinx in
an almost electric dance.  I was trying to give the lioness life.  That
is what I was seeing and feeling as I drifted to sleep.  Unfortunately I
had no dream recall or projection of actually being there, just my
visualization.  Sorry, but I am not ready to give up yet, when is the
next attempt?---Fluid Falcon               

16From: GALLIANOJ     
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 11:21:08 EDT
Subject: sphinx dream report
hey! i finally got here can you believe it? 
ok...this is what happened when i got ot to the sphinx last night astrally;
i began alittle early because i wanted to make sure someone was there to meet
the others.  i didnt see anyone at first and so i danced (dancing is like
spinning for me, it keeps me in focus) i danced a full circle around the
sphinx, she is amazingly large...
this time i couldnt help but notice the walls which enclose her  as i was
trying to see the pyramids but i could only see them sort of half way.  when i
reached the front of the sphinx again  i noticed i was dancing on what seemed
to be a high wall...  there was the ruins of a temple below and a woman in
them looking kind of lost... i called out to her (it was hard to speak, like
talking under water)  i said, "come up here, we are meeting up here!"  she was
completely dressed in purple, she had long dark hair and was about 20-25 years
of age. also, she was very pretty. 
just then as we both were standing there a "flyer" came out of no where,
zooming around the spninx's head... we both looked at him (definetly male,
young maybe 19-20) he was leaving trails of light in his wake...zooming about.
them another man appeared, he was older, perhaps in his 50's...white short
hair, mustache and wiskers...light eyes.
he came very close to my face, we were all standing at the desginated place
between the paws of the sphinx. it seemed very hard to make words and it
seemed like trying was taking us out of our focus and so we each did something
i went about the dance again, the purple girl stayed examining the writings on
the stone between the paws and i dont know where the man or the"flyer" got to.
next i saw a small girl...this confused me because she looked like me...i
believe i began to experience past life memories of being there. i looked at
her  she was about 9 or 10 and she didnt want to be there, it was a
frightening place for her...
looking into her face i realized that i have been looking for myself all
along!  i have been returning here and to Greece trying to remember something...about
me.  i began to get caught up in it and i didnt want to do that because i knew that
tonight i was not alone here and it wouldnt be fair to the others if i go off
tripping in my own past.  so, i spun, quick and hard...i could see myself as a
blurr of light and just kept up the dance untill i saw "points" of light  all
around,  i focused on them and one by one they became a sucession of faces.
passing by me.  one of the faces, a young man, long brown hair, mid 20's ...
began to dance with me.  he was making mirrowed images of what ever movements
i made... we laughed out loud and kept it up... we made yet another full
circle aroung the sphinx in our dance and then he was gone. the sun was
getting higher and twilght had ended... i wondered if the light of the sun was
fading  us out... it seemed i was there alone again, it was hard to keep my
focus by now i had been "out" awhile...  these thoughts brought me back  and i woke

17Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 11:53:09 -0700
From: Gail     
Subject: Journey to the Sphinx!
I first thing that I must say is that I woke up this morning feeling
ecstatically happy, refreshed and clear.  This is what happened.  
As I have posted before, many of my dreams are verbal rather than
visual.  Just the way my brain works, I guess.  I do have visuals,
especially if they are LD, but it has never occurred to me before that I
might also have LD and possibly OBE that are purely verbal!   Until last
I became lucid in the middle of a conversation with a bunch of people -
totally verbal, no visual.  However, it absolutely didn't matter.  There
was no problem with communication at all.  Here is who was there (I
could tell who each person was by the "emotional feel" of their energy,
if you know what I mean).  Evelyn, Don, Nandy, FrodPod, Jean, Julia,
Rainbowbird.  I think that's all of the people directly engaged in
conversation.  But there was SO MUCH EXCITEMENT in the air, there were
others in the background whom I could not hear individually.  
The emotional gist of the conversation was, as one might expect, delight
that we had all met, excitement that we had actually made it and
reassurances that we would meet again.  Also the beauty of the landscape
was again and again referred to, which, of course, I did not
I could see only one person.  Everyone else was voice only, but whenever
Jean spoke her face flickered in my eyes.  The brightest smile I've ever
had the pleasure of seeing!  And she was telling me this was only the
beginning, that I would *come and see her*.  (I did not take this to
mean physically).  I kept saying to her, "not yet, not yet, I have to
wait until I am thin".  Now I am not a large person physically, so I am
interpreting this to mean something that I possibly have to do with the
density/frequency of my vibrational pattern.  Any ideas on this would be
welcomed happily.
People began to spurt away, and this I could see - their energy as it
was leaving.  
And now I have to work on the idea that maybe I have been experiencing a
lot more LD, and even OBE, but didn't realize it because I was expecting
visual when verbal is my forte.  I have to stop *expecting* and go with
what I am experiencing.  
I'm really not sure if this was a dream, a lucid dream or an out of body
experience.  And I don't think it really  matters.   It was wonderful. 
Thanks to all of alt.obe and alt.ld for being part of my universe.
Love to you all,gail

Subject: Fwd: SPHINX TRIP
From reiki@friko.onet.pl Sun Apr 12 01:18:27 1998
From: "Arkadiusz Lisiecki"
Hello from Poland!Yes there is another polish astralnaut involved in this project .
I do little joke. Near center  of Sphinx i left BIG GLOWING POLISH FLAG
Does anone notice this ? Or its just fades when i left ?
And where is this hod dog cart ? There was none !
And who make this hawk statue near left or right ( i am not quite sure
because often i mistake sides in OOBE:)) )Love and Light
Arkadiusz Boleslaw Lisiecki

18Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 09:03:51 PDT
From: "Nandy" 
Subject: report
...So here`s an "I couldn`t make it" report:
I was trying the whole night to get OOB (3-4 times), I even used my 
clock to wake me up early in the morning in case I fall asleep... 
I was using Julia Hawkes-Moore`s rainbow technique, and when I got to 
the 3rd eye chakra, I felt I need just a little bit more to get out, but...
Maybe the next time... I`ll keep trying....Love,Nandy nandy@eunet.yu 

19From: bartma12@ix.netcom.com (Bart Scott)
Subject: Yesterday and today (Sphinx)
Absolute total frustration...
Yesterday afternoon was a bomb.  While trying to make the shift I got 
stuck in what I think is called the alpha state.  This is were my body 
is totally relaxed, but I'm fully aware - which means I'm fully aware 
of my body - which means I can't forget about it - which means I can't 
go on.  It is a very comfortable state, but my head is so full of 
energy that It is virtually impossible to move farther.  Maybe it is 
not a simple 'alpha state' - I think perhaps it is a combination of 
alpha and beta brain waves.  I reach this state occassionally and very 
rarely am I able to move beyond it - which was the case yesterday 
Last evening, as I said in a previous post, I was unable to adjust my 
schedule at the proper time - but I did quiet down and contemplate 
about being at my hotdog and donut stand with the blue and white 
umbrella at around 10:30 to 11:00.
This morning I woke up at about 4:30 am and made myself a cup of 
coffee, drank it while on the net, then went back to try again.  The 
moon was full and shining right at me as I laid down and looked out.  
With earplugs in, I rolled over on my left side and began to relax my 
body.  It seemed to take about 45 minutes before I could relax enough 
to start.  Should have made a cup of tea or had something else with a 
little less caffine then coffee.  It was probably about 6 am before I 
finally made the shift.  I remember thinking, "Hmmm, good.  This is a 
very clear experience.  I have a lot of energy and should be able to 
make it to the Sphinx without any problem."  So I flew out off the 
balcony (I live on the 16th floor of a waterfront highrise) and 
immediately fell into Lake Erie :-)  This happens now and then.  
Sometimes I land on the grass, sometimes in a tree, sometimes on a 
parked car.  I don't know why it happens.  I guess I lose the 
flight-supporting energy by thinking about the wierdness of jumping off 
a 16th floor balcony.
Anyway... So I fly along the edge of the lake about five feet above the 
water.  I could hear the small waves splashing on the shore and 
seawalls.  "Well, time to kick it into high gear."  I lifted up and 
accelerated.  Faster, faster.  Then I switched to the visionless state 
(grey area) and my travel became much faster with my focus on the 
Sphinx.  Suddenly the greyness fades and I'm drawn down into a city 
again.  By the artwork I can tell I've made it to the I've made it to the Middle East 
somewhere.  There are a lot of shops with stands full of hand carved 
statues, pottery, and carpets, etc.  I realize I must be very close to 
the Sphinx.  This part of the city seemed to be for tourist trade.  I 
thought to myself, "I bet the Sphinx is just on the outskirts of town.  
Oooooh, I'm gonna make it!  I'm gonna make it!!"  I didn't make it.  I 
got up in the air and flew but kept getting pulled down for some 
reason.  Fly up, get pulled down, fly up, get pulled down.  I could not 
get out of that town.  Sometimes I'd almost make it to the edge of 
town, but I would then get pulled off on a wide arc back toward the 
tourist area of town.  Then I would get frustated and lose my grip - 
finding myself returning to my body.  Upon return to my body, I 
remained determined and did not allow myself to return to full physical 
consciousness.  I waited until my non-physical vision returned and then 
went back to trying to get to the Sphinx - same situation...  I wound 
up in that city again, unable to go any farther - then back to my body 
again.  This happened at least one more time after that.
After the third or fourth time, I returned completely to the physical 
and rolled over to my right side while keeping my eyes shut.  I slipped 
into a lucid dream where I was down in this maze of tunnels that I 
couldn't find my way out of - more frustration....  Then I lost 
lucidity and entered a basic dream where I confronted the previous 
tenant of my house in Florida for the money he owed me...  He got angry 
and showed me his gun and described how he loved to shoot it...
Well... for what it's worth... there's my experience.  Guess I need a 
lot more practice.  I was so convinced I wouldn't have any problems 
getting to the Sphinx.  Ha!  Now, what was that I said about humility?

next set of reports

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