20From moonlite2@siscom.net Sun Apr 12 07:50:27 1998
Subject: Sphinx (non)outing report, 2nd night
   Since I've already filed one report, this one should probably not
count towards the 13-report threshold you mentioned in a recent 
   I got LOTS of sleep Friday night, plus a nap Saturday afternoon, 
(and I tried to project each time, in vain...), so I was able to lie down
Saturday evening just before the scheduled time and be fairly sure I
wouldn't immediately fall asleep.
   At about 9:45pm, I lay down, started my own homebrew "Hemisync" 
tape,and went through my relaxation/chakra exercises...and waited...and
waited...and waited...until I finally got too uncomfortable and had to
move. Oh, well, there'll be other times...
   Something funny DID happen to me on Friday, though. During my lunch
break at work, I was sitting out in my car eating and listening to the
news on the radio, when it sounded to me as if someone knocked twice on
the driver's side door. I looked out, but there was no one there. Now,
like most cars, mine occasionally makes funny squeaks and pops due to
temperature changes and such, but I've never heard it make THAT kind of
a sound before. Has anyone said anything about going around and 
knocking on people's car windows?
   Feet still firmly planted in the mud (darn it!),  nil

21Subject: alt.dreams.lucid
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 09:05:54 PDT
From jcalderon1@aol.com Sun Apr 12 08:31:30 1998
sorry, i couldn't make it-Jorge Calderon

22From: zzchriszz@webtv.net (C J P)    
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 11:50:42 -0500
Subject: My Sphinx Results(LOOONG)
Hi again,
Last night, 4/11, I did indeed make it to the Sphinx, in a sense.
I was having some doubts regarding my abilities, and whether or not it
would mean anything if I did LD about the Sphinx, but finally decided to
put those doubts aside and give it a go.  I decided that, if by some
miracle, I could get an OBE tonight, that would be the best way to get
there.  But that didn't work out for me.  After about an hour and a
half,  I decided that I was perhaps a little too geared up,  I couldn't
concentrate, and I couldn't relax.  So I went to bed, and gave up on
trying for an OBE.  I really didn't know what to do anyways, I've never
had one before, and never tried to have one.  I do lurk on alt.o-o-b
occasionally, but really only to get a little general knowledge for the
times when the subject comes up in alt.d.l.
So, anyways, to shorten this a little, suffice to say, I realized,
finally, that for me it would have to be LD or nothing.  But the fact
that I spent all that time trying for an OBE is important to the telling
of my experience.  The last time I looked at my watch it was 11:45 pm,
which is 12:45 eastern time, or 8:45 am in Cairo.  
I started  dreaming at some point, and the first thing that occured to
me is "Hey, this isn't Egypt".  That's acctually what caused me to
become lucid.  If I had started dreaming about Egypt or the Sphinx, I
might not have become lucid at all.  So, after I became lucid,  I felt
the need to become aware of my sleeping body, so that I could go to the
Sphinx. (My plan, on the off chance that I had success at OBE, was to
find the downtown area of the city I live in, and proceed ESE from
there, until I hit Africa - not a very solid plan, but it seemed to get
caught in my mind)  I almost immediately became aware of my body, and
tried to roll out of it, that worked, and I felt myself floating over my
bed, still facing up.  I reached over and touched the wall.  It was
still solid, I tried to poke my head through it; still solid.  That, I
was not expecting, I seldom have that problem during my LDs, I have a
pretty firm grasp on the fact that elements of my dreams are subject to
my will.  After being balked I started to float feet up towads the
ceiling, out of control.  All this time I am trying not to look at my
bed, because I feel that if I saw myself there, I might lose the
dream/OBE.  I eventually get myself back under control, and try to get
out of my room again.  I find that the wall is still solid, and very
real-feeling, so I start to push against it gently, but with increasing
pressure.  Before to long I start to pass through the wall (again a very
different feeling than doing something similar during my "normal" LDs,
it was more like I was fusing with the wall while I was in it, but
emerged intact on the other side.  If this was a OBE, and not merely me
dreaming of one, then I think it ended right there, because the rest of
the dream, while still lucid,  was more typical of my other LDs.
I did use my plan for getting to the Sphinx, once I got to Africa, I
simply superimposed a political map over the landscape, shrunk it down
so that I could see the whole continent, found Egypt (the Sphinx was
clearly marked), then expanded the map while focusing on the Sphinx, and
ended up approaching it from above.  I aimed for the paws, but as I was
desending,  I lost the image, I was still lucid, but I had no sensory
input for a few seconds.  During the time I retained lucidity only with
a great effort (which is strange because that type of effort is usually
counterproductive to lucidity for me).  
When the dream came back, I was not at the Sphinx anymore (unless I was
in one of the fabled underground chambers.  What it seemed to be was a
room, very typical (no Egytian decor),  with about seven or eight other
people in it,  some of them were in deep conversation and took little
notice of my arrival.  I walked around and threw my name out a few
times, but I can't recall what was said.  At some point I realized that
this was a stage, not a room, and that we had an audience.  Someone
called them Saffrons, and told me not to look at them, just go on with
the meeting.  So I sat down at a table with five other people.  There
was one male,  who looked a little plastic, like a living Ken doll, and
three females, all of whom looked completely realistic.  The final
person was there, but I have no description to give.  There is just a
void, where that person was (I'm not talking about invisability either).
At one point I was argueing that we couldn't really go on appearences
here, because we could all change how we look.  One of the females was a
girl who looked to be about twelve, and sitting next to her was a women
who looked to be in her late thirties, then the void, the the
plastic-looking man, then a women of about thirty, then me.  We paired
up into teams of two and played a game some what like psychic
pictionary, where one teammate would read a card and form an image based
on what the card said, and the other would try to describe the image in
their teammates head.
I didn't see any hotdogs or donuts,  but there was a micowave that would
produce either bacon and eggs, or sausage gravy and buscuits.  They came
out of the microwave a little too hot though, and I dropped a plate on
the ground.
All this time I was aware of the audience of Saffrons, but did not look
at them or talk about them to anyone, and no further mention was made,
after the  initial warning.  After a while I decided that I had had
enough socializing for one LD and said my farewells.  As I did so
everyone started leaving the stage, going down into the audience and
walking out the back.  At this point I was the only one still on the
stage, and I looked at the Saffrons for the first time.  There were
about 150-200 in the audience, they were all standing silently.  They
were all dressed differently, but had the same face.  If you have seen
Odo from the series Star Trek DS9, they looked somewhat like him, but
with even sharper and more pronounced features.
I said to myself "I'm outta here", stopped concentrating on holding
lucidity, and woke up, after a few seconds of darkness.  After laying
quietly for a few minutes and reviewing the dream i looked at my watch
and saw that it was around 2:00 am, my time.  I don't recall any other
dreams during that period of sleep,  but I had several other vivid
non-lucid dreams during the remainder of the night.
This first part of this dream felt very stange, not typical of my other
lucid dreams.  I have become aware of my sleeping body while lucid
before but never tried to seperate myself from my body when in that
condition.  I had read before about the "rolling out of your body" thing
before,  That is what I was planning to do earlier in the evening, when
I attempted an OBE, and I guess it stuck in my mind.  But, as I was
saying, since this is the first time that has happened, I've no basis
for comparison.  Was it an OBE or a lucid dream about an OBE?  I
wouldn't know how to tell the difference, and (please don't take
offense) I'm not convinced that there is a difference.
The second part of the dream was very typical of my other LDs, however
it was less bizarre than many, because I was commited to staying in that
place for as long as possible, and placed more emphasis on interaction
with dream characters than I usually do (after all, they might have been
real people this time).  For all that, I really don't remember much of
what was said, Which is a problem I frequently have.
I took Frodpod's words to heart and wrote down everything I remembered.
Hope I didn't put too many of you to sleep :-)

Please note that the following reports were turned in after the previous reports were displayed all at the same time.
23Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 19:29:59 +0100 From: Glyn Subject: SPHINX No. 2 To my shame I got the date wrong. My last post referred to Friday night/Sat morning, instead of Sat night/Sun morning. I didn't even try to get anything last night. Damn! You may want to ignore my previous post. So I've just tried to rv something for Sat morning. Just done it. Here are my impressions, but again not very rewarding I'm afraid. It took me ages before I felt that I had an impression of the Sphinx, and felt that I was standing between the paws looking at it. I tried to 'home in' on things people may have left while visiting mentally only: 1. There was at least one small white dog. Like a short-haired terrier. This was up close to the main body of the Sphinx. 2. I got an impression of a photograph in it's frame propped up by the left front leg (The Sphinx's right leg). It was of a woman's head, facing to her right. She looked in her 20s,european, with dark short hair. 3. I saw some words written diagonally in sloping long-hand on the same leg, but further forward towards the paw. There appeared to be three words, one above the other, but I couldn't make them out, or even if they were in English. What struck me was the sloping, flowing writing. The words were slightly luminous and greenish (but as I remember reading something in the newsgroup like this perhaps it should be discounted, as my conscious mind could have been influencing me). 4. The most clear and distinct impression was of a beautiful cut-glass vase, slowly rotating. This was somewhere over by the other leg. I can describe this vase quite vividly, so if anyone saw the same thing, or left it, we can exchange impressions. 5. I tried to leave two impressions myself. Don't know if this will work and even whether you can do it in rv......but at one point things were coming through strongly so I thought I'd try. If anyone saw anything in bright glowing red we can compare. That's it I'm afraid. As I said before I'm only learning rv, and have great problems at the moment keeping my imagination at bay. -- Regards,Glyn 24From: "Gypsy Rose" Subject: -=Sphinx=- Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 12:44:22 PDT I started preparing for this outing at about 9:45 (10 pm in Arizona was the scheduled time to meet at the Sphinx). I smudged my room and myself with incense, and asked for my guides/totems/protectors to be there. I asked for divine guidance, then began to try to project about 9:50. I was letting myself go very slow, so that I wouldn't stress myself out and totally ruin my chances. :) I tried a few methods, I tried the rainbow method that was posted on the NG, and that got me pretty relaxed, then I started sending energy into my whole body...I got to the vibrational stage, and my hands and feet were especially warm and energized. I started going deeper and deeper into myself, trying to keep my mind clear. I didn't get out of body, but I did "see" or "imagine" someone dancing around the sphinx as a whole. At that point I started creating my own dance steps to some silent music in my head. I "saw" somebody sitting on top of the sphinx's back, as if they were riding a elephant. I saw those things very quickly, then something called me back into real life. After I started coming out of my trance, I was very inutitive, I knew exactly what time it was with out looking at the clock. Anyways, I'm not going to give up, and I can't wait for out next "Journey"!!! Namaste', -Essence P.S. Sorry this letter is so long! :) 25Subject: Sphinx Trip Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 14:33:21 -0700 From: CHADMAN27@webtv.net (CHAD CHADWELL) I could not make the trip at that time because it was 8pm my time, and I still had guest in my home. But i did Remote Viewed the Sphinx on saterday morning! I flew in from above the clouds and circled above her in the sky a few times ,Then i droped down to just a couple of feet from the ground,I was at her right/back side i then proceeded to scan the whole length of her right side,my face being only inches away from her body. I could see that she was very weathered and britle,I saw that she is made up from large cubes of dried mudd and cubes were put together and smothed over with some kind of mud mortor,which formed a hard shell that had protected the cubes for many years but i could see that time has taken its toll on her, The shell had been weathered off in a lot of places and the cubes were exposed ! I then came around the right paw and was in the middle of the two paws. I saw about five native type people there in physical bodies and saw next to the left paw three people sitting indian style offering gifts to her. I felt as if these three were travelers from far away,like i was. I NEVER did look into her face as if she was asking me not to because she was a shamed of what time has done to her! I also felt like she waiting for something or someone and so she didn't pay much attention to us! I then meet an entity that i precieved as an old lady in black who some how asked the Sphinx to move her left paw outward to the left, this revealed a small dark passage down below. This entity took my hand and lead me down a small stairway. We went down about 30 feet or so,( flashes of light let us see) Then while still going deeper down it turned to the left, a few feet more and the passage turned to the right and then a few feet more it turned to the right again and finally there was a small empty room. Why i was shown a empty room i am not sure but i felt like there once was something there!! We went back up to ground level and the entity left before i even realized it. I stood in front of the left paw and placed a dark blue vase in the air just above the paw as a gift to her and then came back home the same way i had came. 26Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 02:29:57 +0200 From: Rainbowbird Subject: rapport sfinx Since the mail is comminig back I try again:) My rapport: Preparation: At 3.30 am at the 12th Amsterdam I meditated on a picture of the Sfinx. I had smudge ritual for myself and included the list of participants. That took about until 4.15. Object to take with me: A white owlfeather A dagger with 4 snake at the handle. A cristal 6 pointed, handpolished, round on one end, big rainbow in it. I had to attempts to go. One at 4.15 am .One at 8. am. I slept on the floor. With sleepingbag in order to keep my sleep light. First attempt: It took just some minute's before I went stiff aand not to feel my body anymore. I floated to the sfinx. I just saw one lady standing there, right between the pawns of the sfinx.Sunlight was about to come. She had come early in order to be sure to wait for all to come. She was middle aged, had halflong hair, brownish but with gray parts. Posture average, round, but not to heavy.Motherly and strong. She had very sweet and joyous nature. we had some telepatic contact, agreeing that we both had come for the meeting. I couldn't see anybody else. All went black.Sorry that happens, then I am only aware of that. Shortly before I came by I remembering having contact with 3 or 4 people talking about keeping concious while travelling. Second attempt. I went back in the same manner then before. I had a lot of trouble because of the morning noise of the city. It was already hot and somehow dry and to light to come trough. I only managed to float around. About 15-20 people have been there. I couldn't make out features. We did form a circel and it was good to be in it. I couldn't make it to the ground though or make myself visible. I felt distraction due to the daytime at the place. The experience did take some energy because I slept trough until 4 pm the afternoon, with dreams that released part of my pas, but haven't been lucid. I did enjoy to participate and will do so the next time. But I would like a place where it is nightime. Even if that means that I have to travel during the day. Rainbowbird 27From: "Ludeon" Subject: Visiting the Sphinx Date: Sun, 2 Dec 1984 18:15:08 -0800 April 10 Saturday. 3:45 a.m. Before going to sleep I told myself I wanted to go to Egypt to the great Sphinx. I was on a narrow trail in a rocky area it was gray and dark. The trail followed a small wash (creek) that may have been dry I am not sure now. I was compelled to walk forward as I progressed along the path the trail became narrower and steeper. It hugged a cliff as it came around a corner. Then the trail became very steep I had to climb on all fours. I was now climbing strait up the cliff to the very top were the cliff overhanged the trail at this point I said "I must be dreaming again" and climbed over the top. I grabbed a large flag stone it was lose I moved it aside it was a large rock about two feed wide and two inches thick. I tossed it aside. Looking around, every thing was gray, it was clear now that the entire cliff was made with flagstones. To strengthen the dream I looked over the side of the cliff at the ground bellow. It was a very steep cliff extending down about twenty feet below as the bottom of the wash it continued into darkness. On the other side of the wash it was flat with possibly another rail adjacent to the wash. The visibility was very limited and mostly gray, I had the sensation of being inside a large dusty room but could not see any walls. While observing the view I felt my wife sleeping next to me move and I woke up. My body vibrating I went on to have two more very short LD each one ended by my wife steering. It was 8:30 a.m. when I finally woke up. 28From: "gordon gaskill" Subject: Sphinx Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 02:49:10 PDT Greetings, sorry I couldn't make it, I had trouble sleeping on the plane ride from Bali. Hopefully you folks will plan something like this again soon. 29Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 15:28:56 +0200 From: Gunnar Ljungstrand Subject: Sphinx meeting Iīm sorry to tell you that I wasnīt successful in coming to the Sphinx. I did succeed in getting "out", but wasnīt able to get to the meeting place. Tried both "teleporting" and just straight flying there. The first didnīt work and I returned involuntarily too soon for the second to be successful. (Didnīt know if Iīd had found the way, in any case). So, if someone despite this met me, there must be some strange time-thing going on. ;-) Oh, well. Better luck next time. Iīd better get back practicing. See you out there (hopefully) /Gunnar 30Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 11:11:04 -0700 From: HeWhoGetsSlapped Subject: Sphinx Results I never went to sleep, but did I suppose an OBE of sorts? I mainly wished myself over there, and it was so. I did this at about 8PM PST. As I began to relax I had the urge to try to contact all of the fellow astralnauts and yelled 'youare dreaming' I spoke to someone when I entered and they said to me 'bourbon' which I suppose was their code word. I left and returned a few minutes later and someone else said to me 'sophomores' and then 'terrible two'. I replied 'buzzword' & 'cliche' As I first appeared, I felt as if I was a massive giant, while the rest of the people were very very small. I began to fall asleep, and without my real awareness, I had an introductory conversation of sorts with a nice man with darker hair and complexion, though still caucasian. I began to awake at one point when the conversation had ended, and I realized what I had just been doing. A few hours before the meeting I planned out my entrance which was in a portal of some sorts which looked like one of the larger planets with rings, though it was very small. I left it out to be visible to all even if I never arrived. I arrived though, through it in fact and stepped out to the left of the Sphinx. As I walked out I spoke to some woman, hugged her, and then we spoke, though I don't know who said what. One person said, pointing to my planetary object. 'Is that Saturn?' Response was, 'No it is Neptune' I went directly beneath the Sphinx and saw what appeared to be a roundtable of people. I originally visited it a few hours before the experiment, and thought perhaps it was many of the fellow experimenters getting ready, but when I returned during the experiment, I realized it was not. It even dawned on me that they weren't really people, but as if it was some sort of carving, though not really. Regardless, it was if there was some serious conversation among themselves. There was definite intelligence within and it wanted me out, though I fought, and I was too strong for them. I came up to the surface and told everyone 'Thre is life!' 'This is (my name),there is life!' Realizing that most of them probably did not know my actual name I said 'Bunbury, there is life!' I created a tree, similar to an oak, which I placed on the back of the Sphinx. It split down the middle so it's branches and twigs extended past the body of the Sphinx, and a rocket appeared where the trees trunk had been. The hatch was left open so we could all put our most favorite & important wish for this life. I glimpsed some large mechanical object to the right of the Sphinx, closer to the head, it was quite large, even more massive, though not longer, than the Sphinx. The majority of the time, when I looked at the Sphinx, it always had a male lion's head. Once I glimpsed a human face, though it was more of a caucasian face than the usual negroid features. I visited the Sphinx a few hour, perhaps even the morning after, and saw that the area around the Sphinx was littered with garbage, as if many people left lots of small 'dream objets' My dream later that night did not involve the Sphinx, but I spent time with many people I sort of knew, and was meeting for the first time in some club of sorts, though rather juvenile in some respects. I also met up with people I know in my regular waking life, and a few of them that I thought I would not be seeing for some time and I was quite thrilled to meet up withthem bunbury 31From: "Bob Hawkes" Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 21:15:31 +1000 Subject: Sphinx report by Julia Hawkes-Moore Greetings to all - I hope you enjoyed the trip out! My attempt was not a big success. I unexpectedly found myself trying to project from a room full of lightly sleeping and snoring children, after we gave up the camping plan due to terrible weather. So I had no success with my 'Rainbow Technique', and I gave up after an hour or so and relied upon lucid dreaming. Even this was a bit foggy, but several curious incidents occurred: The Sphinx was not crystal clear, it was a vague outline, looming over strange incidents emerging from a mist or grey fog. I found the hot-dog stall, took a vanilla doughnut (delicious!) and signed my name 'Julia' on a yellow sticky label and stuck it to the counter. A grey wolf with a long white flash down its nose came and studied me, then walked away. A huge gecko or monitor lizard, about four feet long, then appeared. It was spitting and hissing, and a large man walked up to it and crushed its head under his heel. He was about 6 feet tall, heavily built, grey hair, 55ish, holding a beer can and acting slightly drunk. He than sat on a park bench and went to sleep. A slim young man, aged about 28, about 5'8" with curly blond hair gave me a chicken and mushroom pie to eat (not delicious.). I discussed the book 'Pyramids' by Terry Pratchett (brilliant writer!) with him. Another man, similar age, 6'ish, sturdy build, longish dark hair, wearing t-shirt and jeans, looked almost native American, stood beside us and listened. Two young women went by in a boat on the Nile singing silly pseudo-Russian songs ('Stinky Raisin' and 'The Vulgar Boatman Song' I'm afraid.)! There was an unfurnished dolls house on the sand, and a Moses- basket type cot nearby. Also empty was an old-fashioned coca-cola bottle. A chubby man 30ish, straight longish brown hair, was marking exam papers, and was told with great authority by an older man "You must find a grading machine that works." A woman, 35ish, longish brown hair, ran out of a huddle of excited people, all talking frantically. As she passed me, I asked her what the news was. She cried "The John-Hardy Willis building has collapsed, with great loss of life." At first I thought this a reference to some poor man's personal problem, but she said no, it was a skyscraper in America (Chicago?) but I have never heard of it. Not a very lucid experience - sorry! All best wishes, Julia Hawkes-Moore. Bob Hawkes Hawksmoor Technology Embedded Hardware and Software Design. Telephone and fax: +44 1799 528046 32Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 15:40:56 -0700 From: adrienne Subject: Re: webvapor.spam@ctol.net I was unable to travel at 10pm EST, however, at about 12pm EST I did try, I got an image of two people. One was a young man dark complected with dark curly hair wearing a white wrap. Next to him was a figure that was clothed in a dark blue wrap, but, was covered completely so I could not even guess at gender. This encounter was set in the desert. There was no communication made. If needed I can describe the young man further, maybe it matches someone who was there. Adrienne 33Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 10:50:19 -0700 From: nil Subject: Sphinx (non)outing report, 2nd night Since I've already filed one report, this one should probably not count towards the 13-report threshold you mentioned in a recent posting. I got LOTS of sleep Friday night, plus a nap Saturday afternoon, (and I tried to project each time, in vain...), so I was able to lie down Saturday evening just before the scheduled time and be fairly sure I wouldn't immediately fall asleep. At about 9:45pm, I lay down, started my own homebrew "Hemisync" tape, and went through my relaxation/chakra exercises...and waited...and waited...and waited...until I finally got too uncomfortable and had to move. Oh, well, there'll be other times... Something funny DID happen to me on Friday, though. During my lunch break at work, I was sitting out in my car eating and listening to the news on the radio, when it sounded to me as if someone knocked twice on the driver's side door. I looked out, but there was no one there. Now, like most cars, mine occasionally makes funny squeaks and pops due to temperature changes and such, but I've never heard it make THAT kind of a sound before. Has anyone said anything about going around and knocking on people's car windows? Feet still firmly planted in the mud (darn it!), nil 34Date: 12 Apr 1998 15:31:28 GMT From: jcalderon1@aol.com (Jcalderon1) Subject: Re: alt.dreams.lucid sorry, i couldn't make it -Jorge Calderon
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