35From: "Pee"     
Subject: Re: alt.dreams.lucid
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 12:36:57 +0100
I couldn't make it I fell asleep.Sorry.
36Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 14:33:09 +0800
From: Keith Alderslade     
Subject: Sphinx reports
Report from Keith Alderslade ; keitha@bmis.com.au
Started preparation at 10:30am my time, 1 hr before dawn in Cairo.
Unable to go LD or OBE so tried RV & got some impressions but also had
some *low grade* flying thing.
Very cold, desolate morning, high, grey, streaky clouds, very windy.
I kind of flew around & saw about 20 people standing or sitting all over
the Sphinx - they didn't move & seemed to be black robed (maybe it was
just dark). They were in positions that normal physical people couldn't
really be in - like standing on it where its sides were vertical.
There were about 10 people similary around it on the ground. I flew &
landed between the paws & there were 2 people - robed & hooded with
intense whitish orbs for eyes. I wanted to communicate but the eyes held
my attention then left (with the person). An occasional other tiny white
orb went flying off too.
I flew off & got drawn at high speed straight from the front, into the
belly of the Sphinx & found a chamber and a sarcophagus, very clean &
nearly shiny and "son of Ptolemy" came to me.
Some sound like a helicopter (but not quite) from outside.
Impressions of smoothness on some part of the Sphinx where I would have
expected roughness.
Report from Julie Abel    email at  keitha@bmis.com.au
Unplanned visitors meant Julie couldn't do what she had planned, so she
took 10 minutes to relax & try RV.
Saw lots of people all around the Sphinx, all not moving. Cold grey
morning.  Keith

37Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 22:49:32 EDT
Subject: Claire's sphinx report 
First remembered attempt: lucid dream:
     I woke up in adifferent bed, trying to separate from my body. I was
having great difficulty and I was concentrating on the Sphinx, trying
 to get out to go to the Sphinx.  However, I just couldn't seem to separate. 
So, I began to pray about why I wanted to go to the Sphinx and maybe it 
wasn't beneficial for me at this time and whatever God
wanted for me was fine: basically Your will not mine.  At that point, a man
showed up and helped me out of my body. Then instead of ending up in the room,
I ended up in a black zone, totally black except for the glow of three
figures: me, and two other people. Neither was my guide. At any rate, the
third figure then proceeds to tell me what i want to do is not that easy and I
don't have the appropiate skills. He explains to me that to vibrate higher to
or fly higher puts me in different dimensions but to go across the physical
world in long distances requires some know-how. I don't know why this is so
but that was the dream.
He starts to instruct me how to manage this journey. He tells us all to
dissolve our images and pick up our light bodies and begin to emanate energy.
We all do that and wait for the next instruction. At this point, the first
person leaves. He then says I have to configure my energy a certain way to 
travel this black corridor we're in at a very high velocity without jumping 
through a dimensional barrier. He seems  to be insuating time *I* speed up I 
end up somewhere other than my physical home. Possible, I suppose, but i'd 
never thought of it. He  tells me to watch him and imitate.
At this point, his energy swirls into a circular UFO type of structure and
begins to swirl around itself, fast, faster and faster. So, I try to do the
same. Once we are rotating within the corridor at approximately the same rate
of vibration, he begins to shoot through the tunnel with the intent to go to
the Sphinx. Meanwhile, I am following but begin to think abouthow funny he
looks like a UFO and that I must look the same. I begin to wonder what other
people would see if they looked at us. I guess I begin to think the whole
thing is very funny and I lose my concentration and next thing I know I am
shooting across the night sky with millions of stars laughing my head off at
the possibility that someone would think I was a UFO.
Second non-lucid dream:
Dream:I am at a party inside a warehouse building. There is a dark structure in
the building and tables set all around. The table are odd placements of
furniture that don't coodinate together. I comment to someone who is asking 
about the furniture that it is "eclectic".  I walk behind the large 
structure and there is a circular glass structure there. It seems to 
rotate. I think maybe it is a turnstile but rather large. Somehting 
is missing, but I don't know what. From the top I see a window shaped 
like a rising sun and I know it is at this point on the large structure 
that one is supposed to see the rising sun. I go back down to meet a 
robot waiter. I try to get the cake out for everyone, but people are 
complaining that the ice-cream was brought in too early and now it is 
    When I wake up I realize I was dreaming of the sphinx party, but I didn't
realize it at the time Well, I guess I didn't make it, but it was fun trying.

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